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Elegant, not updated guide to configuring and personalized Fluxbox? It is quite complicated that the system detects all the icons in the menu.
All I do is edit the default menu to include the programs I install. The rest is done from the right-click menu.

mrclksr has a .txt file on his page on my site that describes how he implements icons on his Fluxbox menu


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When I'll have some time, I'll update config and remove it. I'll replace it with x11-clocks/wmclock
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but you can do it by yourself —
*Dock: (3x3, Frame 2, Swallow(UseOld,NoClose) wmclockmon\
        'Exec exec wmclockmon -bw -nl', Action(Mouse1) 'Exec exec wmclockmon-cal',\
        Action(Mouse3) 'Exec exec wmclockmon-cal')
Replace these lines with
*Dock: (3x3, Frame 3, Swallow(UseOld,NoClose) wmclock\
        'Exec exec wmclock -24')

Install the lxmenu-data package, as written here:

Then restart FVWM and you'll be able to generate a menu.

Yes, just edit menu file and add whatever menu options you want ;)
ILUXA, the ~/.fvwm directory goes in the user folder directory?



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ILUXA, the ~/.fvwm directory goes in the user folder directory?
Yes. "~/.fvwm" means "/home/your_user_name/.fvwm/" or "/home/$USER/.fvwm/" or "$HOME/.fvwm/".
When you execute ls ~/.fvwm/, you should see something similar -
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Guys, please, post all your FVWM questions to FVWM topic.
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The Gateway/Acer clone running FreeBSD 11..2-RELEASE-p7 that has been serving as the machine I watch movies on is now also serving as my mp3 player. The fan gave out on my beloved X61 that was serving as my mp3 player. I may be able to switch it out from T61 parts I have on hand but haven't checked.

It stays offline in that role so there's no need to keep it updated.


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Hi olivierd, as I recall, you are one of the maintainers of the xfce port, n'est-ce pas?
I use xfce and just wanted to say thank you for your hard work.
Do you have any idea when the 4.14 port or package will be available?
I'm not anymore ports committer, now it's madpilot@

I don't know when Xfce 4.14 will be landed in ports tree. You can follow (and try) his own ports tree and subscribe FreeBSD's xfce mailing list.

Feedback is always interesting.


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I would't mind if you could share your config for status and launch bar
Sure. The status bar is x11/polybar. For the icons I use x11-fonts/font-awesome. Here is my polybar config file. Most of the modules I use are custom scripts but I can share them if you like.
The launcher is x11-wm/plank with Kit-Kat theme. I use the GUI to configure plank which is quiet easy. Here is a collection of plank themes on github.