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I am continue with Openbox and the same apps still. I did change the background which I found it with twllnbrck help.


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soctafianto & NapoleonWils0n, may I ask which network / VPN management solution is there shown in your pictures?

Any bspwm users here willing to share some pictures?
I use private internet access with my own scripts to manage the connection

* vpn-route
* vpn-split-route
* vpn-down

Then i edit the openvpn.ovpn files and add the following line

auth-user-pass auth.txt

and create a text file called auth.txt in the same directory as the ovpn config files
the auth.txt has my private internet access username and password in it

the vpn-route script create a normal openvpn connection

the vpn-split-route creates a split vpn route using fibs and the routing table
then starts dante socks 5 proxy server and switch unbound dns server to use the vpn interfaces for queries

That way i can use the dante socks 5 server and connect to the vpn,
so for example with Firefox i can use the switchyomega addon to connect to the socks 5 server and the vpn,
or toggle it on or off

With the split vpn i can also use setfibs to force traffic down the tunnel

I do need to rewrite the scripts using the bourne shell instead of bash,
but im using a bash menu to list the connections with a number by each connection,
and i havent figured out how to replicate a bash style menu with the bourne shell