1. M

    DWM Setting up maim for screenshots in Suckless DWM

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to all of this. I installed DWM to Ubuntu server, and want to set up a hotkey for using maim to take screenshots. I want to have two hotkeys: For a screenshot that gets stored on my desktop For a screenshot that gets stored in my clipboard I have not been able to...
  2. sidetone

    Text gaming on FreeBSD (Screenshots)

    Discussion and screenshots about text gaming on FreeBSD. This is for games on the command-line or terminal interface. Many games are ascii and/or curses. Signify if the game uses an interpreter or emulator. Topic includes utilities or ASCII animations that aren't games, but are under the games...
  3. Samuel Venable

    Share Your Software

    I'll start. Use my post as a general template. Provide as much or as little information as you like about your software. Only share your software if FreeBSD is among the supported platforms, otherwise this would be regarded as "too far off-topic". Cross-platform software is fine. But the focus...
  4. Alain De Vos

    Wayland screenshots

    Post your wayland screenshots and or configs. A bit "boring" , sway+wayland+mate-panel+strawberry-player,
  5. sidetone

    Athena Widgets/Xaw implementations

    Athena Widgets (Xaw) uses Xt (X toolkit Intrinsics) to interface XCB and Xlib. Xaw is part of Project Athena which has a larger scope beyond graphical widgets. Project Athena was started by MIT, with support from IBM and Digital Equipment Corp. x11-toolkits/neXtaw, x11-toolkits/Xaw3d and...
  6. sidetone

    Other Screenshots of BSD Window Managers for X11

    Thread for screenshots of BSD style window managers for X11. Common ones are listed below, organized by type. Floating; Mouse x11-wm/blackbox - C++, developed on FreeBSD x11-wm/enlightenment; x11-wm/e16 - C, EFL x11-wm/fluxbox - C++, previous fork of blackbox x11-wm/jwm - C, Xlib - uses XML...
  7. CodeBlock

    FreeBSD Screen Shots

    Going to try to start a trend here ;), if this belongs in another subforum (like window managers), mods feel free to move it :). I'm a member of the ArchLinux forums (used Arch before coming to FreeBSD) and monthly they have a screenshots thread which is neat because it gives everyone a...