FreeBSD Screen Shots

Going to try to start a trend here ;), if this belongs in another subforum (like window managers), mods feel free to move it :).

I'm a member of the ArchLinux forums (used Arch before coming to FreeBSD) and monthly they have a screenshots thread which is neat because it gives everyone a chance to see some new window managers, configs, styles, themes, etc.

Basically what they do is post a screenshot (thumbnail usually linked to a bigger image) of their desktop, and usually talk about the config a bit. Some of them are quite interesting :).

So instead of our 17 or so window-manager specific screenshot threads, why not combine them into one, monthly?

Here is mine taken earlier today:

My config (dotfiles) on Github

Basically I'm using xmonad + xmobar with urxvt, weechat, mpd/ncmpcpp, and vim with ir_black.

You can use them with GNOME, just create ~/.gnomerc file with WM of your choice:

% cat ~/.gnomerc 
export WINDOW_MANAGER=/usr/local/bin/pekwm

It will just replace metacity, all the rest will remain the same (desktop/toolbars/...).

I also was surprised, most people that switch the default WM in GNOME generally choose openbox here, dunno why ;)
Hey are there any chances you know how make gome not to manage desktop?
If that would be possible I'd consider using gnome, after i switch default WM to fvwm.

I need this because I'm used to get meny by right clicking on dekstop :)
killasmurf86 said:
Hey are there any chances you know how make gome not to manage desktop?

The part of gnome, that manages the desktop is nautilus. So if you could somehow convince gnome-session, to not start nautilus as part of your session, you could probably go without desktop icons and stuff. Not sure though, how much the other bits of gnome would like that ;)
Thanks, I forgot name of nautilus...
Nautilus have command line option not to manage desktop....

Perhaps if I can modify options passed to nautilus in session manager, then I could turn desktop off :)

I was running gnome-session on Openbox, if you go into configuration editor, you can change the behavior of Nautilus and the desktop. That way you shouldnt have to run the no desktop command.

Ive slept since then, but Im almost 100% postive I was opening Nautilus through a terminal, without it screwing up my desktop, before I removed gnome-session from autostart. I did use gnome-session for my wallpaper at the time though, and Openbox menu still worked normally.

btw, expl.

Thats pretty nice, I like your desktop.


Thats cool also, I have been debating a bit on setting my system up like that in a way.

And mine...Edit: updated.

I sure love the gnome default background...

The theme itself is based on an unused ubuntu theme (Dust). I modified it a bit to get rid of the brown :)

I am gonna push to get this theme included with Eric's GhostBSD
Aw, I can't see most of them because the image hosting services are blocked by my school; I'll look later when I get home, but keep them coming :). Let's do a screeny thread every month, it could be pretty interesting :D.
December 2009 Screenshots

Here's my screenies for December. I might do something more Christmas-y later, but for now this works. Swiped the background from someone on the ArchLinux forums.

Here's mine; xmonad + xmobar, urxvt, on.. you guessed it, FreeBSD.
Stole the background from somewhere on last month's thread, or was the month before...not sure.



6 hours early. Oh well it's december in some parts of the word. ;)

Ping color provided by sysutils/cw :D