FreeBSD Screen Shots

Now that I'm comfortable with FreeBSD, I've decided to make it my full time desktop operating system. Here is my minimal little desktop. Not as flashy or "jaw dropping" per say as some other screenshots in this thread, but functional and very fast!
What WM is that? Any chance you'd like to share those configs (minus the conky).

Here's me, very busy. New background looking good.

Cool to see some E17 in use! Been meaning to give this another try recently and see if I couldn't hack together an animated wallpaper of my own. Always liked the idea of that.
kpedersen said:

I like that. It looks like Gnome 1 :)


Have you ported your OpenCDE America dtlogin theme to CDE yet? ;)

Yes I have now, still fine tuning the login screen message though. I'll put up a screenshot when it's ready. :)
Redid the interiors this evening. I had to say goodbye to CDE, because it's basically become abandonware. The lack of modernity did not reflect the modern operating system underneath either.So, I put XFCE4 back on(successor of CDE) and dressed it up. I like it. :)

I also found out how to hack the XScreensaver logo from an article and got rid of that hideous picture and replaced it with the traditional logo.

Also thank you whoever ported ResidualVM, you did it just in time, because I just went looking for a way to play GRIM-E games on FreeBSD. :)