FreeBSD Screen Shots


Well I think I dig dark solarized again, great scheme. Light background seems to work well on my AsusEEE, but too bright otherwise.

Long time no screenshot. I converted from openbox to i3 about a month ago. Here's the result:

Running i3 4.3 (not from ports), using i3bar and my own script for generating items for it, dmenu for executing commands, cmus music player, xterms. Dual monitor setup, most of the action happens in right side, I use left side mostly for movies or as a programming reference/"sticky" screen.
redw0lfx said:
This wallpaper tripped me out for a bit as I scrolled past it. Looked like the image was auto-enlarging.
Same here. I don't know whether it looks as good in reality as it does in that screenshot, but that was one mean desktop background. Maybe the effect was exacerbated because I'm on a netbook (small screen), but for a second there I honestly thought Opera was tripping on me.

FBSD-9-RELEASE - pekwm

Trying to get RAM usage as low as possible while still running a usable GUI.

There must be more things I can do to lower RAM use?
Disturbo said:
There must be more things I can do to lower RAM use?

I think that there are little things left to do, but for instance, you can try to stop using python and get a C based file manager, like vifm, for instance. You could also stop using htop and get the real top, wich uses less ram.

And (I'm not quite sure about this): Does xombrero use less RAM in minimal mode? I do think so, since then there are no GTK thingies there.

For a "reference" of using xombrero in its most minimal form you could see this:

That's how I'm currently using xombrero.

Oh, one last thing, what terminal emulator are you using? I use urxvt, but if you wanted EVEN less RAM usage, you could use the ol' xterm.