FreeBSD Hosting/Shared/VPS etc.


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No. I'd say it's closely related to the topic of this thread. Why do some people want a VPS? They want privacy and/or anonymity, therefore they set up services like tor(1) on these VMs.
I absolutely agree with you. people (literate and able to reason logically) do not want to be manipulated (with the help of "social networks", aka facebook, etc) and be at the mercy of massons-Satanists.



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You're forgetting the IMEI number of the phone.
That identifies the modem module inside my laptop. Thus I wrote: change the modem module. And of course the laptop, due to the uuid. Besides that -- the hardest part would be to change one's habits... We can be identified by our online activities.
Not sure about German laws but in the Netherlands you're registered and your IP plus identity is sent to a government agency (CIOT; sorry Dutch only). No provider will openly admit this but they're bound by law to do this (I've worked for a couple of hosting providers).
Our laws should be very much the same because they have to comply to EU laws. You set up a tor(1) proxy, I do so, our friend X does, he uses yours, you use mine & I use X's. And we select the final proxy in the chain carefully. Voilà. The whole tor(1)-proxy & VPN thing is a matter of trust. And we have Freifunk ;)