1. gyptazy

    Introducing BoxyBSD as a Place to Learn and Practice

    General: Probably many ones already know the non-profit BoxyBSD service from Twitter/X or the Fediverse but within the weekly BSDPub meeting calls it came up, that it might be interesting in having a call (got recorded) about it and sharing some more details about it. I saw, that it never got...
  2. H

    How to set up Xenforo server using FreeBSD?

    I want to setup a Xenforo forum using FreeBSD. I have never set up a server using FreeBSD or Linux. In the past I always used Cpanel. What are the major steps I need to take? 1. Where to host? I am considering Linode. 2. How to set it up? If anyone has experience with this I would...
  3. 0x11

    Guide for installing shared host with freebsd

    Is there any guide, to build a shared host server, with freebsd, for learning hosting business.
  4. Norbert Szczybelski

    FreeBSD bhyve VPS/Jail Hosting on single IP address.

    Good Evening. :) Are You Web Developer? Working in Computer Service? Got only one IP address? You can start your own hosting server that will expand your offer. Most of important things here are OpenVPN for Jail and bhyve SSH access and HAProxy for SNI extension based routing. Your...
  5. C

    FreeBSD policy on hosting img files

    Hi guys I successfully converted a FreeBSD 11 memstick img file to pure MBR format, using the guide in this thread. The only change is I removed system immute files which was missing from his instructions (which would have made a mixture...
  6. M

    Startup hosting and sleeping well (encryption)

    I’ve never been in a server room from which I could not steal a random hard drive without getting caught, if I wanted. I have been in server hosting companies’ rooms in more than one countries. Should I find one that employs guards with machine guns, still there is a point from which it isn’t...
  7. C

    Starting in Web server hosting and administration

    Hello all, Not entirely sure where to put this thread. I've got a VPS at DigitalOcean with FreeBSD 10.2 on it that I use for my wife's business site and my own personal site. However, someone has asked me to develop a site for them and host it. I used to be a web designer, and I still code...
  8. nocentis

    FreeBSD Hosting/Shared/VPS etc.

    What is good and cheap VPS - FreeBSD? Looking for servers FreeBSD VPS with the price to $ 15 per month, what do you recommend?