1. imtheroot

    freeBSD problem

    Hello, I use mobaxterm to connect to my VPS with FreeBSD every time I change something in the files a window pops up saying "SSH transfer: Password for root@ip" Is there a way to turn this off? Thanks in advance!
  2. L

    Failure to install FreeBSD-11.0-bootonly on my VPS

    I use 1984hosting.com as my provider and want to install FreeBSD on the server. I can see that they have the operating system in the dropdown menu, so I do not have to download it myself. However, when I go through the installation I have to set up the internet connection. The information I have...
  3. Angelo Klin

    IPFW Private VPN + Firewall on a VPS

    Hello All, With all the fuzz and issues with security and privacy these days I decided to give it a go with a VPN, mostly for the fun and challenge. I am partially done with a scenario that sounds very typical these days, although it is not necessary plain vanilla. The overall idea is...
  4. uzsolt

    Maintaining multiple VPS servers

    Hello, I've a simple question. I'm not system administrator so maybe my knowledge is a bit outdated. So, I've 4 simple, cheap VPS servers (web, builder, devel (port maintaining) and backup) and it's a little complicated thing to login to every server and run pkg upgrade or freebsd-update fetch...
  5. joel.bodenmann

    VPS, PF, EzJail and public IPs

    I am new to jails and I need some guidance getting the following scenario working: I have a VPS running FreeBSD 10.2 64-Bit. That VPS has one public IPv4 and one public IPv6 address. I can get additional IPv4 addresses for $2 per month and additional IPv6 addresses for free. So of course I...
  6. FKEinternet

    How to set up FreeBSD as VPS host?

    I'm not sure which Forum I should be asking this. When I do a Web search for "FreeBSD set up VPS" I get lots of results about how to set up FreeBSD on somebody else's VPS, but that's not what I'm trying to do: I want to set up my FreeBSD system as a VPS host, e.g., I want to be the host for...
  7. atmosx

    Solved Problem with VPS Time [1 hour behind]

    Hello, A FreeBSD VPS has the TZ set at exactly 1 hour behind and I can't tell exactly why. Se below: root@localhost:/root # dmesg | grep Timecounter Timecounter "HPET" frequency 100000000 Hz quality 950 Timecounter "ACPI-fast" frequency 3579545 Hz quality 900 Timecounter "i8254" frequency...
  8. uzsolt

    Slow downloading from own server

    I've a strange problem (I hope it's strange only for me :) ). I've a small VPS and I can download anything only with slow speed. I can download from any other webpage (for example the FreeBSD's ISO files) with normal speed. I can log into another server and I can download good speed from my VPS...
  9. nocentis

    FreeBSD Hosting/Shared/VPS etc.

    What is good and cheap VPS - FreeBSD? Looking for servers FreeBSD VPS with the price to $ 15 per month, what do you recommend?