1. S

    Failed to Install Wayland Wayfire on VMWare (Win11)

    Hello everyone, Following the FreeBSD Handbook, I tried to install Wayland Wayfire on FreeBSD 13.2, acting as a guest on VMWare, Windows 11. I did not succeed. I am not yet erudite enough to understand the error messages returned to me. I made 2 screenshots of the error messages: 01.png and...
  2. D

    Failed to boot after Freebsd install on Fusion 13

    Hi everyone, I just tried to install Freebsd-13.2 on Fusion 13, using this guide: https://wiki.freebsd.org/RootOnZFS/GPTZFSBoot. I use the UEFI Boot option and afterwards I rebooted the VM and it tries to boot over the network. I though I messed up the bootcode partition or zfs pools, so I...
  3. L

    vmware Can't move cursor

    I installed FreeBSD 13.1 on VMware ESXi 6.7. Then I installed Xfce. The problem is that I can't move the cursor. The mouse buttons and mouse wheel are working.
  4. S

    Solved Xorg does not detect the correct resolution.

    I am running FreeBSD 12.3 on VMWare 16.2. I have the latest versions of Xorg and XFCE installed. I want this machine to run XFCE as root since it serving any purpose other than development. To that end, I created the .xinitrc file: exec /usr/local/bin/startxfce4 And in order to make it run at...
  5. K

    FreeBSD 13 on Vmware Esxi 6.5, cant install.

    Hello, anyone knows Freebsd 13 is working on vmware esxi 6.5? I have problem when installing, at partitioning i check Auto UFS (as always bsd 11, bsd 12) then GPT GUID Partition table and then: When i use ZFS then something is installing but after reboot says there is no system 😥 Vmware...
  6. alemoppo

    Solved copy paste VMware FreeBSD 13.0

    Hello! I would to use copy-paste from host to FreeBsd 13.0 (guest), I think i should use vm-tools. According to this article, it's just required to run: pkg install open-vm-tools as root. After installed the vm-tools, nothing has changed (i tried also to reboot FreeBSD). I'm running FreeBSD...
  7. F

    Solved [INFO] VMWare Shared Folder not visible SOLUTION

    So Im using FreeBSD 12.2 and Im unable to see shared folder. workstation 16.x FreeBSD 12.2 All I want is getting a file on my vm to my computer. How much it can be hard? I tried to use shared folder for nearly 4 hours and failed then tried to use apache24 service to transfer over internet and...
  8. F

    vmware [INFO] Fullscreen for FreeBSD VMWare

    So I created a virtual machine FreeBSD installed in but it always being in small screen. Not changes when I maximize or minimize screen. Just a square lol. Notes: I already installed open-vm-tools by: pkg install open-vm-tools Its FreeBSD 12.2 Workstation 16.x
  9. G

    iSCSI connection error on FreeBSD 12.2

    Hi, So I've got FreeBSD with configured iSCSI server which is serving ZFS volumes. The goal is to install some version of ESXi on this ZFS volume and then boot another machine from it using iPXE. It is booletproof soulltion - it is working for years on older versions of FreeBSD. I've got two...
  10. T

    ZFS ZFS, UNMAP and VMware ESXi troubles

    Hello. I'm seeing quite a lot of UNMAP failed messages on our FreeBSD servers ever since we migrated from VMFS5 to VMFS6 datastores on our vSphere cluster. Happens on both thin and thick provisioned disks. There have been instances where servers just stopped responding after a couple of failed...
  11. fel1x

    Solved Porting new Virtual Machine Guest Tools(VMWare Workstation 16 and VirtualBox 6.1

    I don't have any new computer for FreeBSD. So I use virtual machine on Windows 10. The problem is that the latest virtualbox-ose-additions is for Virtualbox 5.x and guest additions for vmware is discontinued, so vmware says that I should use open vm tools. However, it only supports Freebsd 11...
  12. vrurg

    ZFS VMWare+bareos == ZFS problems after restore

    My question is going to have some prelude because any step of those leading to the final situation could be important. We're using bareos with vmware plugin to backup our VMs from ESXi hosts. Not so long ago we totally lost a data center and I got a weird backup at my hands. Because the vCenter...
  13. S

    can't update

    Hello, I have installed release FreeBSD 12.1 on vmware but I can't update or install app on my FreeBSD 12. It show me permission denied. Please help me
  14. R

    Solved Keyboard layout for Apple Magic Keyboard not working

    Hello FreeBSD community, I like to run FreeBSD 12.1 on VMware Fusion on a Mac Mini. The install itself is pretty easy to follow. During the install process I choose a german keyboard layout. When the installation process is finished, and I log in to e.g. XFCE the keyboard layout does not work...
  15. K

    FBSD in VM with Xfce, can't move the mouse cursor

    Hello, I am new to FreeBSD. I managed to install FBSD with Xfce and it works, except the mouse does not (I can see the cursor in the middle of the screen, but I cannot move it). I can open the terminal with ctrl + alt + T. I would appreciate if someone could help me.
  16. U

    ZFS Current ZFS + NFS performance

    In the near future I may have a requirement to provide storage for a couple of VMWare servers that are currently running NFS off an ageing Netapp appliance. As good as the Netapp probably is, the chance of it going wrong worries me as I don't really have a clue what I'm doing with it, and it...
  17. G

    Simple high network load causing CARP switches and timeouts on VMWare VMs

    Hello, Recently I have migrated 2 firewalls in CARP setup from OpenBSD to FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE on vmware VMs (ESXi 6.5) with E1000 interfaces. Both hosts are with 10Gbit interfaces connected to on single 10Gbit switch. The CARP setup is working fine during the day but during the night I got...
  18. L

    Solved Help converting a ZFS-based FreeBSD installation to a UFS image for virtualization

    Hello, I have a physical FreeBSD server I installed using ZFS on root. To ease maintenance I'd like to move it into a virtual machine (VMware ESXi), but since virtualizing ZFS is not recommended, I would like to convert it to UFS. Here's my plan so far, can anyone confirm whether I am on the...
  19. N

    VMWare ESXi 6.7 USB Passthrough to HDD not working

    Hello, I've been trying to get a USB drive passed through to a FreeBSD 11.2 VM, but it doesn't work. The kernel logs show a USB SHORT_XFER error that it ignores the device. The same pass-through configuration works fine on a Debian VM and a Windows 10 VM. I found a post that someone inserted a...
  20. B

    where to find config/install tips for virtual machine image for freebsd 12.0-release on esxi host (vmware)

    I thought I'd try a shortcut, rather than build from scratch, so I downloaded, unpacked and made some guesses at (virtual) hardware for the image from https://www.freebsd.org/where.html for vmware. Booted up, logged in, network is working, but I'm wondering if there is a guide of any kind...