Solved [INFO] VMWare Shared Folder not visible SOLUTION

So Im using FreeBSD 12.2 and Im unable to see shared folder.
workstation 16.x
FreeBSD 12.2

All I want is getting a file on my vm to my computer. How much it can be hard?
I tried to use shared folder for nearly 4 hours and failed then tried to use apache24 service to transfer over internet and failed again. Then tried to use vmwares simple drag drop method and failed again.
So what to do now?
I solved the problem after posting this 1 min later.
pkg install open-vm-tools shutdown your system and close VMWare add -> = "TRUE" to vm's file with vmx extention(configuration file). open vmware and go to the settings then select your shared folder and set to always visible then boot system kldlaod fuse.ko or add fuse_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf vmhgfs-fuse .host:/!YOUR_SHARED_FOLDER_NAME! /mnt/!YOUR_SHARED_FOLDER_NAME!
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