ZFS Current ZFS + NFS performance



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In the near future I may have a requirement to provide storage for a couple of VMWare servers that are currently running NFS off an ageing Netapp appliance. As good as the Netapp probably is, the chance of it going wrong worries me as I don't really have a clue what I'm doing with it, and it won't run forever. Using FreeBSD would be nice as I know it like the back of my hand, and ZFS provides a lot of nice features and peace of mind. However, I'd rather stick with NFS if possible (Not a fan of massive vmfs zvols that I can't access at all unless VMware will mount them) but know that it used to be a terrible mix performance wise.

Does anyone have any idea what current performance is like? It used to be that you could get it passable by using a decent SSD for ZIL, but even then I don't remember being able to actually max out 1Gb Ethernet. However back then PCIe/NVMe storage didn't really exist unless you sold the house and brought a FusionIO.

Ideally I'd want to at least be able to break the 1Gb barrier on writes, and make half decent use of 10Gb Ethernet when reading. Really I need to use HDDs to get the space needed (at least 10TB) so I'd probably be looking at NVMe/PCIe ZIL/L2ARC, although have also entertained the idea of full SSD (although would probably still need something special to get ZIL performance up).