Adventure games: roleplaying, sandbox, interactive story; share screenshots

Share screenshots of adventure games on FreeBSD. Adventure games include roleplaying games (RPG) and sandbox games. Share text RPG/Adventure games too. Games run on an interpreter, game engine or emulator are good too. Maybe even online games as long as it's on FreeBSD. I don't know if the game should be opensource, because of potential image copyrights. Different scenes of the same games are ok too...

RPG screenshots

games/fotaq - Flight of the Amazon Queen



Sandbox games
games/minetest - opensource clone of Minecraft.


This game requires adding the user to the minetest group, and installing an additional minetest package, so it can generate the world.


While this game has an arcade aspect, it has dialog boxes in RPG style. Though, it's a sandbox game, rather than an RPG.
Just today, I installed “System Shock - Classic Edition”. I bought it from for $3.99, or so.

Nowadays, GOG („Good Old Games”) uses a Steam-Wannabe-like installer. Of course it does not run on FreeBSD. So I installed a Windows 10 machine using sysutils/vm-bhyve, downloaded the game, copied it over using WinSCP and started it using emulators/dosbox. There are probably more simpler solutions using archivers/innoextract, but I have not tried them yet.

Here is a screenshot (no in-game, yet, as I have not yet dived into it):
Interactive story: text adventures
Treasure Island (Windham Classics) on DosBox, running on FreeBSD.

This game was written in Basic, then ported to classic PC platforms. I was into this game in the 80's.

Oregon Trail is another text adventure game, which a version of it was written in Basic, and ported to PC platforms. I wonder how close to this style that Lua and Python can get for this type of text adventure games.



These games need understanding of in game vocabulary list commands to play them.

There are a few interpreters and emulators for text adventure games, though they are limited to certain game producers. games/dmagnetic is an interpreter for text games made by the company Magnetic Scrolls. games/frotz and games/zoom are for text games produced by Infocom for Z-Machines.
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Scummvm for graphical adventure games
games/scummvm is for graphical adventure games, rather than text based games.

Fotaq (Flight of the Amazon Queen), in an above game in a previous section uses Scummvm. This is an interpreter for many graphical adventure games that can be used when the CD is owned. games/fotaq and games/bass (Beneath a Steal Sky) in ports are free to use with Scummvm.

Scummvm has replaced Sarien. Dosbox and Dosbox-x can also be used for games that adventure games that Scummvm can run.

With Scummvm, games are not limited to specific platforms, they can be played on any computer architecture than can run Scummvm.

Scummvm automatically detected my gamepad, when many other programs wouldn't.

Zelda like games and engines


Apart from individual games, games/hypatia_engine is to create adventure games. It uses Python and is MIT licensed. Hypatia is developed on FreeBSD.

games/solarus is another engine for this style of adventure games.

Text adventure environments
games/inform7 and games/tads consist of programming languages for interactive fiction. tads is also a game interpreter. inform7 is also a text adventure environment.