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Game engines that could potentially be used to spark a FreeBSD gaming revolution

A. D. Sharpe Sr.


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These are some of the engines that I briefly checked out. The links lead to the part of the codetrees that contain OS specific support, not the root of the codetrees. There're many other engines, but I left out engines who either did not have code repositories online, were for specifically for mobile games, were not primarily coded in C/C++, or did not have any Unix support.

Torque3D engine: https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/tree/development/Engine/source/platformX86UNIX
Has at least some FreeBSD support, but I'm not sure how well it's been exercised.

GoDot engine: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/tree/master/platform
Doesn't have FreeBSD support, but has Haiku support. How'd we get beat by an OS that doesn't even have a real release???

Ogre3D (rendering ONLY): https://github.com/OGRECave/ogre/tree/master/OgreMain/src
Has some support for GLX. It might actually work great.

Panda3d engine: https://github.com/panda3d/panda3d/tree/master/panda/src
Has some support for GLX. It might actually work great.

Irrlicht engine: https://sourceforge.net/p/irrlicht/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/source/Irrlicht/
Has some support for GLX. It might actually work great.

Delta3D engine: https://sourceforge.net/p/delta3d/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/delta3d/src/
Has some X11 support. Not sure of how functional it is.

Quake2 engine: https://github.com/id-Software/Quake-2
Has native Linux & native Irix code, but doesn't have native FreeBSD code. Has generic Unix code, so maybe that could be used as a basis for creating native code for FreeBSD.


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games/openmw. From their FAQ:
Do I need Morrowind to use OpenMW?
No, OpenMW is a complete game engine. It is possible for other projects to use OpenMW and OpenMW-CS to create their own game game. There are several projects currently underway such as:

OpenMW-Template: A bare-bone template “game” with everything necessary to run OpenMW. It can be extended, improved and further developed using OpenMW-CS.

OpenMW-Example-Suite: This uses the OpenMW-Template as a starting part and is OpenMW’s first official “game”, used to show off the OpenMW engine and give content creators an idea on what they can do with the engine.

A. D. Sharpe Sr.


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Cool. Now you only need to find a few hundred game developers who think that getting games working under FreeBSD is a nice thing.
Or, the community can prime the well & show them the way by developing a few games within out community (itself) & heavily promote them. There are already 2 such sites that may actually be able to help with promotion:




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Shameless plug:
Mutiny! (https://github.com/osen/mutiny)

Unfortunately, for 3D games, kids and other game makers only really want to use consumer products like Unity and Flash. This is because they have big chunky editors where kids can make games to show their parents and then immediately discard them. Because Unity and Flash will never be ported to FreeBSD, this has pretty much prevented the vast majority of games from appearing on these platforms.
The marketing budget for Unity is immense and they are present at *every* GameJam, and *every* indie industry event so people immediately jump on the bandwagon and get completely locked into a non-innovative and unflexible platform. I find it very difficult to rip my students away from Unity so that they can actually learn something.

Epic (Unreal Engine 4) is starting to understand the "allure" of a kid friendly GUI editor and so have made a good attempt with their indie-friendly (non-AAA toolchain). The fact that UE4 is not open-source (i.e not BSD or GPL) but the source is available for free after signing a license agreement, it can be ported to FreeBSD and also there is some hope that once Unity and Flash have died, that UE4 can take over.

I know this post was semi-ranty but crap like Flash and Unity does annoy me quite a bit haha. It also allows "pretenders" to swank around telling people that they are 3D graphics developers because they can drag and drop a cube into Unity and press play. I hate working with these people!

For 2D games, SDL is certainly the standard these days and works very well on FreeBSD. However, I actually recommend SDL 1.2 (https://www.libsdl.org/download-1.2.php). The reason being is that 2.0 is largely swayed by Valve and portability to platforms such as homebrew, retro, Amiga, RISCOS, DOS, UNIX etc... is very low on their agenda. As such 2.0 is not very portable to anything that isn't a 2012+ desktop operating system, unlike 1.2.


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Flash not being supported on FreeBSD was a blessing in disguise. Flash being touted as so great, yet being insecure and a failure reminds me of what Systemd is. It is also irrelevant for all intents and purposes, especially in FreeBSD. (That was my rant about Flash).

SDL seems to be limited in it's graphical appearance. While SFML examples look nicer, I've read that SFML is not a low level language like SDL is.

Why not try Godot for 3D?