1. P

    create custom keyboard layout

    FreeBSD 10.2 (US English). Console Mode - No GUI Developing a custom layout on Latin Alphabet. Queries 1. Where can I find the existing keymaps so that I can edit them? 2. How to replace my existing layout with the custom layout? 3. How to revert back to old layout if anything goes wrong?
  2. Nureo

    LXDE How to change the keyboard for latinoamerican? ¿Cómo cambiar el teclado a "latinoamericano"?

    Hello everybody. There is not "ñ" in my keyboard, and also some buttons are changed. When I first installed FreeBSD, it was certainly fine. But when I start the LXDE environment, it was the wrong keyboard for me. Can anyone help me (and others like me)? In spanish/En castellano: Hola a...
  3. ILMostro

    Scroll Lock keeps exiting

    Hi, I'm testing out FreeBSD10 in a VM environment. I'm not sure if this is expected behavior, as I'm new to FreeBSD, but every time I try to scroll back using the Scroll-Lock -> Arrow keys the screen drops back to the end where the input cursor is. Is it possible to change this behavior? I...
  4. freebsdknowledge

    Xfce Audio not working on FreeBSD 10.2 x64 + XFCE

    Hi to all! I am new to FreeBSD, and I have followed this guide ( to install and configure the system. I need to use the portuguese-brazilian (pt-br) keyboard layout, when I started the installation, a screen appeared asking what layout I wish...
  5. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    Solved Detect recent keypress

    If I'm running a FreeBSD system without X, but with several virtual terminals doing various things, under certain circumstances I will use vidcontrol() to switch to a particular virtual terminal in case of an alarm event. But I don't want to do that if I'm actively typing in one or another...
  6. Kalero

    I need to setxkbmap everytime I start X

    Hi, I have a problem with the X keyboard mapping. I have the system set up in UTF-8 (except LC_COLLATE) and, at the terminals, my keyboard mapping is correct but, when I start X, I always need to open xterm and write setxkbmap es (Spanish keyboard mapping). I can live with that but I think there...
  7. Andreas Tieben

    MATE Mate Desktop forgets or does not store permanently the desired Keyboard Layout-HowTo!

    Mate-Desktop forgets or does not store permanently the desired Keyboard-Layout (e.g. German, French or whatever) - HowTo: In some cases it could happen that after every restart or Log-out from Mate, the Keyboard is again in the state kind Layout (usually English!) and the desired...