1. cypher386

    Multiple USB Keyboards, devd, kbmux, /dev/ukbd0 /dev/ukbd1

    Simple enough, current FreeBSD 12.0 From rc.conf: # a mouse moused_enable="YES" devfs_system_ruleset="localrules" # devd devd_enable="YES" # Run devd, to trigger programs on device tree changes. #devd_flags="-d" # Additional flags for devd(8). # hid support does what...
  2. F

    Solved accent and ddvorak

    I'm trying to configure my keyboard within Xorg, but accent arent working. setxkbmap -layout us -variant dvorak-alt-intl -option compose:ralt I then press the right alt button + ' + e and I get ? character instead of e with accent Same result with setxkbmap -layout us -variant...
  3. aragats

    USB keyboard: missed/extra keystrokes

    A month go I noticed missed characters when I type text/commands etc. I decided to replace my cheap USB keyboard with something better. I purchased a $50 "mechanical" keyboard, but nothing has changed – I still see missed characters. It looks like an anti-bouncing filter cuts certain keystrokes...
  4. White

    VMware guest: vmmouse vs. XkbLayout

    Hello, I try to setup a FreeBSD 11.2 with Openbox as a VMware Fusion guest but I struggle with the virtual mouse and the keyboard layout. Here are the commands I use: More specifically, the X11 configuration: Section...
  5. patpro

    Keymap for french Apple USB keyboard

    I all, I'm looking for a keymap that would allow me to use my external extended Apple keyboard, french layout (USB) on FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE. I'm currently using /usr/share/syscons/keymaps/fr.macbook.acc.kbd but it's not satisfying: can't find antislash, tilde, pipe, etc. Any help appreciated!
  6. Y

    mouse and keyboard drivers are impracticable for office, media and gaming-usage

    I always have to workaround problems with new media- and gaming-keyboards or mouses. I can't run them well enough for office-usage or gaming. I can't configure my keyboard-illumination and no media-keys are working, special keys are also not running. Very similiar to mouses, the old mouse-driver...
  7. abbec

    Input Club K-Type

    Hi, I have an Input Club K-Type keyboard that does not work correctly under FreeBSD. It is recognized as: ugen0.4: <Input Club Keyboard - K-Type PixelMap pjrcUSB full> at usbus0, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON (500mA) but when I type on it, random characters are inserted. It works...
  8. I

    Keyboard key not generating released event.

    Hello, I installed uhidd to use the multimedia keys of my keyboard and xev detects the scancodes except for one key, the mute key. I checked with kbdscan to see if the problem was with X but kbdscan detects the whe I pressed the key but the 'released' event never fires, if immediately after I...
  9. bitmask

    FN+{F1-F12} keys not detected by xev

    I was trying to bind my fn+f1-f12 keys (which I'm trying to use for volume controls and such) in sxhkd. Before when I used Linux, I bound XF86Audio* keys (e.g. XF86AudioLowerVolume) and it worked, and xev detected them. Now I switched to FreeBSD, xev does not detect any fn+f1-f12 keys at all...
  10. X

    Corsair Strafe -non RGB- kbd

    Greetings everyone! I've been meaning to take FreeBSD for a spin, but unfortunately my keyboard is giving me a hard time. Doing a bit of research, i came across this chat from 2016 where the OP mentions that the keyboard effectively doesn't work under FreeBSD, unless the appropriate quirk is...
  11. rawn027

    MacBook 12" A1534 No Keyboard in sysinstall

    I have a MacBook 12" with an Intel Core M processor ( that boots into FreeBSD 11.1 just fine from a USB key but has no keyboard once I reach the sysinstall screen.
  12. christopherdumas

    FreeBSD on MacBook Pro (15", 2017)

    Hi everyone! This will be my first post on the FreeBSD forum (and, in fact, any forum anywhere). I've used Linux (mostly Debian and later Arch Linux) for most of my life on the computer, but for the last two years or so I've been using a Mac. I've become increasingly unhappy with the attitude of...
  13. S

    Solved How to change the gdm greeter keyboard layout ?

    Hi ! I've been searching for hours but I can't find a solution to something which seems easy... My gnome system settings are changed to my local ones, the keyboard layout is OK when logged in but not before. On the logging screen I can only use the US keyboard layout. How can I change this ...
  14. B

    MATE keyboard stuck on 'en' layout when applet indicates 'fr' layout

    On FreeBSD 11 with MATE 1.12.1, I'm trying to get a French keyboard layout to type an email in Thunderbird. The keyboard is a Logitech K120 (English). I used the Layouts tab of the 'Keyboard Preferences' window (either system-->preferences-->hardware-->keyboard or system-->control...
  15. O

    Odd behavior with USB keyboard

    I'm having some strange behavior with my USB keyboard in FreeBSD. After booting, slim loads, and when I try to enter my user name, one of two things happens; either the pressed key doesn't appear, or it will act as though the key is being held down and repeat that character several times, even...
  16. dbyte

    ctrl:nocaps in rc.conf while installing (before X installed)

    I am restarting an install and was wondering if it was possible to set what I normally invision as setxkbmap -layout colemak -option ctrl:nocaps in the rc.conf file. Because I don't have X installed, and the usual /etc/default/keyboard file is missing (?) I'm wondering what options I have...
  17. sidetone

    Keyboard mis-types, key presses malfunction

    Suddenly my keyboard enters an extra key when I type. It's the same after a reboot. This is on FreeBSD 10.3. I haven't changed anything recently. Im supposing there's a backdoor on my computer, or key stroke logger leaving a trail? Hopefully, its just a hardware problem. I'll use a rootkit...
  18. E

    FreeBSD on Macbook 12"

    Hi, I'm trying to install FreeBSD 11 on my Macbook 12" retina, but I encountered the following problem: once the system loads and appears the Welcome Menu, where I can chose between install, shell or LiveCD, I cannot move on because the keyboard is not working. The only key working, luckily, is...
  19. K

    Xorg doesn't catch keypresses anymore

    Hello. I've got Lenovo T430 with FreeBSD 11-Current. After recent upgrade up to latest ports among which were: libX11-1.6.3,1 < needs updating (index has 1.6.4,1) xkeyboard-config-2.17 < needs updating (index has 2.19) xproto-7.0.28 < needs...
  20. K

    KDE4 Keyboard only works with caps lock

    I recently installed PC BSD 10 on a Dell E6530 laptop. All was well with KDE until keyboard appeared to stop working within KDE. I could login ok, but that's all. I couldn't work out what was wrong so switched to Lumina. I eventually removed KDE and everything else I wasn't using. After...