1. forquare

    Solved Jails with IP from DHCP?

    Afternoon all, On my home network I have three VirtualBox VMs that I would like to condense into a single VM, this single VM would have three jails each running a service. Currently each VM has a VirtualBox bridged adaptor, on my router I see each VM having its own MAC address, and the router...
  2. hukadan

    How To: Execute Firefox in a jail using iocage and ssh/jailme

    Motivations The main reason to put a browser in a jail is quite simple : browsers cannot be trusted. They are too much exposed. Executing a browser inside a jail is a way to be sure that the damages induced by a malicious software are contained (as much as possible). I decided to write this...
  3. S

    Solved X11 applications in iocage jails

    I'm trying to install a web browser in a jail (something like this guy did with Linux containers: https://www.stgraber.org/2014/02/09/lxc-1-0-gui-in-containers/ ). I've successfully created the jail and installed Xorg and Firefox with iocage. Now I can't start Firefox, either with iocage exec...
  4. styko

    No internet connection inside jail

    I am currently trying to set up a server on FreeBSD. I want to create jails with ezjails according to the handbook. I am following the example to install BIND inside a jail but I am stuck at the installation step (make -C /usr/ports/dns/bind99 install clean). At first I thought I had a DNS...
  5. Oko

    ZFS Managing iocage snapshots

    I really dig sysutils/iocage. One of the coolest features is being able to take a jail snapshot. iocage snapshot lweb.autonlab.org which gives # iocage snaplist lweb.autonlab.org NAME CREATED RSIZE USED ioc-2015-08-30_23:17:03 Sun Aug 30 23:17 2015 152K 0 Removing snapshots is also...