1. l33tname

    Solved Prosody s2s connection-timeout in jail

    I installed prosody in a jail redirect the traffic to it with pf. With this config: rdr on $EXT proto { tcp, udp } from any to any port $XMPP_PORTS -> And for unknown reasons at least for me the s2s part just fails with error messages like this Sep 27 20:39:21 s2sin804074c40 info...
  2. priyadarshan

    Jails vs bhyve

    Since FreeBSD 11 is here, I am tempted to simplify our server setup, and use Bhyve also for all jail needs. I would not mind exchanging a small percentage of available CPU for more simplicity, but does it make sense to standardise on Bhyve vs Jails, in order to simplify setup and workflow? In...
  3. S

    Owncloud in FreeBSD Jail

    I'm considering setting up Owncloud on my FreeBSD 10.3 server in a jail, but I'm wondering about being able to connect to files outside the jail. I have a pretty sizeable file collection (photos, docs, etc.) on the server now (not jailed) that I will want to connect to from Owncloud inside the...
  4. G

    Solved PF Fails to Load Ruleset with Jails (lo1 interface)

    This post is for anyone who may be using a jail, and after you set the jail to run at startup, PF rules are not loading (on the host machine). The odd thing that made me scratch my head is that you can manually start it and everything works; something is uniquely happening at startup that is...
  5. ikanobori

    IPFW IPFW/NAT and Jails having many out-of-order and reassembled TCP packets

    Hi, Traffic coming out of my jails seems to be very slow so I ran a tcpdump on my external interface to see what is going on and I get a whole slew of TCP Out of Order and TCP Duplicate ACK in Wireshark. I am talking pages full when any traffic is going out of the jails. Traffic going into the...
  6. scrappywan

    FreeBSD VPS Jailed Web Servers Network Isolation

    I have a VPS on Digitalocean which I used mfsbsd to reinstall FreeBSD with ZFS/zroot with PF as my firewall. My plan with this VPS is to run wordpress, a static site and owncloud each in their own jails. Currently, I use nginx on the host machine running as a reverse proxy, intercepting https...
  7. Phishfry

    Software usage for a jail?

    I am wondering about using sysutils/webmin in a jail as I would like to use the best security practices available. My question is the very nature of Webmin being a server monitoring service with a webgui, would all the features work? My question is how could you "sandbox' webmin in a jail and...
  8. N

    Best practise for handling ports tree with iocage managed basejails

    Hi, What's the best practise to handle the prots tree with iocage managed basejails? Currently I am manually nullfs mounting the host systems /usr/ports everytime I need it in each jail, but as the number of jails are growing this feels more and more cumbersome. Please advice! Thanks in...
  9. S

    Cannot cleanly stop jails after using graphical applications

    Starting and stopping the jail works fine when I stick to console apps. I can also successfully launch and use graphical jailed apps on the host display using e.g., jailme 1 firefox, but I cannot cleanly stop the jail after closing jailed graphical apps from my host X display. Here is my...
  10. Farhan Khan

    Solved Jail NAT vs Bridge

    Hi all, I want to create a jail with a publicly routable IPv6 address and a IPv4 address. I also do not want the have the interface shared with the base OS, such that listening on port 80 on the base also listens to port 80 on the jails. I do not see where that is in any...
  11. fullauto2012

    Solved Help me understand Jail

    Please accept my apologies ahead of time as I could not find an appropriate room for questions on jails. I have a FreeBSD box (10.1) with two jails on them (also 10.1) that I am using for testing and understanding purposes before I implement something more permanent. I have them both in...
  12. Farhan Khan

    Jail listening on same ports as base host

    Hi! I setup a Jail, but it is listening on the same ports as the base OS. So, if the base is listening on port 80, the Jail IP also has port 80 listening. No service is listening on that port. Using ezjail-admin, I setup a Jail called code. I modified the export_jail_code_ip line of...
  13. A

    Chroot from within Jail

    I'm currently trying to chroot bind from within a Jail since it's also running Apache. The problem I'm having is the inability to mount devfs from within the jail. I'm using ezjail to managed all my jails and have everything regarding devfs turned on in the ezjail configuration files.
  14. joholo

    Sharing a dataset with multiple jails

    Hello, I recently installed FreeBSD on my new server. Right now I have one jail running with transmission on it, seeding different Ubuntu versions. Couldn't get the port working, but the package worked excellent. So now I want to create two other jails. One with a NFS/Samba share and one which...
  15. W

    Solved Problem runing freebsd-update inside jails

    Hey people, I was looking for some info about whats the best way to keep jails updated and found many posts saying to never run freebsd-update inside of the jails. Someone could explain why not? Actually I am doing a make world, but this take so many time. My jails have the empty folders...
  16. J

    Solved Partial connectivity issues from bhyve guests to jails and host*

    Please help, I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of weeks now. I need a new set of eyes on this problem. Attached is a diagram to better illustrate the configuration. To sum up the issue: Can ping any host to any host Can fully communicate from/to other physical hosts to the...
  17. C

    Solved Host to jail networking with vimage

    I've got a bridge1 with several jails' interfaces as members (vnet1:1, vnet1:2, etc) these can pass packets between each other. There's a bhyve instance on the host using tap0 which I've added to bridge1, this tunnel is not able to connect to any of the jail vnet interfaces. Is this to be...
  18. B

    Moving from ezjail to qjail

    Since ezjail doesn't seem to have been updated for a long time and qjail seems to be a little bit more modern I'm planning to switch. Is it possible to just migrate my existing jails from one manager to the other without problems? Are there any resources about this? Thank you!
  19. B

    ezjail: update unfinished?

    I'm keeping getting weird messages when I try to update my email managed jails: I'm on FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p11 and ezjail v3.4.2 The jails show the right version inside but the update progress doesn't seem to have finished. This is what I'm getting: ezjail-admin update -u Looking up...
  20. bMalum

    IPv6 Jail Setup and Routing

    Hi everyone, Short: I want in FreeBSD Jails with Private IPv4-Addresses and Global Scope IPv6 Addresses. But iI can't get it to work. I have tried a lot, so iI can only tell you what iI have tried. For me it is possible to add an interface alias to re0 and I'm also able to ping it from around...