1. sdavidb

    jails Jail host on bridge unreachable over TCP (IPv6-only)

    Hello everyone... I'm fairly new to FreeBSD and come from a Linux/Docker background, but I've been amazed and impresed with the jails functionality in this OS. I've deployed a small DevOps/CI stack on a small Intel mini-PC in my home, using IPv4, if_bridge, and iocage. I'm trying to migrate...
  2. 174bpm

    jails How to set allow.mlock on an ezjail jail?

    Hi all, I'm trying to install emby-server into an ezjail-created jail. I need to set the "allow.mlock" jail configuration value to "1" but am being thwarted at every attempt. Host runs FreeBSD 13.1. I can't seem to find the right value to put in /usr/local/etc/ezjail/jailname.conf, and I the...
  3. rwv37

    jails jail using vnet - networking isn't working

    EDIT: PLEASE NOTE that I've now got things mostly working; the one remaining problem that I know of is that the jail host can't ping the jails (while other machines on my intranet can ping them). The config shown in this initial post is now out of date; the new config (and further details about...
  4. subnetspider

    jails How to best automate creation and management of Jails?

    I'm learning ansible and bastille to introduce some level of automation to my homelab and to use jails instead of FreeBSD VMs for my services. At the moment I manually create thick VNET jails with bastille and then set up my services with ansible where each jail is treated as a separate host...
  5. Alain De Vos

    How to compare bastille-bsd, ezjail, cbsd, pot, iocage,ezjail

    What are the strong and weak points of each system ? Or how do they compare ? When to use one or when another. https://www.bsdstore.ru/img/freebsd-jail-chart-2022.png
  6. S

    jails Run firefox within a Linux chroot jail in FreeBSD 13.1

    Hi All, I have managed to install a Ubuntu chroot jail within FreeBSD 13.1. However, I need to run Firefox from it to launch Jupyter Lab from a python virtual environment within the chroot subsystem. I was wondering if I could use the FreeBSD Firefox from the subsystem. Nevertheless, I installed...
  7. S

    jails Exit from root in Ubuntu Jail.

    Hi All, I have managed to install Ubuntu Jail in FreeBSD 13.1. However when I log into it, I am always at root. Is there a way that I could log in as a user please. I don't want to mess the system up. Just want to sudo the important tasks. Thanks & Best Regards Schroter Michael
  8. K

    FreeBSD 13.1 - weird jail (nginx) problem

    Greetings. I manually created a jail and installed nginx within it, made related settings, when I lynx both inside the jail (that's the IP of that jail) and externally from the host, nginx's default web sample page appears. So, that's fine. However, when I type it with httpS...
  9. jgod

    How do I get install packages into jails from custom Poudriere repo on host?

    I searched first, but can't find an example of this - I must be missing something. I can install packages using a custom repo on the host, using poudriere: $ doas pkg install dokuwiki Password: Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... FreeBSD repository is up to date. Updating myrepo...
  10. A

    jails Network management for bastille jails

    Hello, does already exist a tool which setups networks and hostname lookups for jails so that services in jails can find and communicate to each other in a safe but also dynamic way on multiple hosts? More or less like it is done by Docker Swarm or K8. Thanks
  11. qorg11

    Make jail available to bind only certain ports

    I want to create a Jail with a public IP address. But as we have IPv4 address shortage. I want to only make the jail able to bind to a range of ports (say 700 to 750). I asked in the IRC and one answer was to use pf to NAT ports from/to the jail.
  12. S

    mlock support not being picked up by jailed application

    Hey All, I have been facing a problem while trying to run Hashicorp's Vault service and I was hoping for some guidance. I've created a jail and have installed Vault (v1.8.7) into it via pkg -j vault-jail install vault. The vault installation seems to be working fine, however when I try to...
  13. sixpiece

    source code and how to be able to interpret a command

    I used the command jls for example. then it responded with the following table: JID IP Address Hostname Path 7 hydroponique /jails/hydroshop now I want to know if IP Address is an IPV4 address or an IPV6 address. So what are my...
  14. HL1234

    Solved cannot install in a jail with ports & jail defined with different subnets - does this work?

    Hello, I'm new to work with jail. I try this example: FreeBSD jails: a complete example I've created the jail from another example - copied some files from the host - did a bit configuration - and it works: I can start it and connect in it with 'tcsh' command. With the example above I try to...
  15. byrnejb

    Solved service reports cannot find /etc/rc.conf

    root@mx32 ~]# freebsd-version 12.3-RELEASE-p2 [root@mx32 ~]# uname -a FreeBSD mx32.harte-lyne.ca 12.3-RELEASE-p1 FreeBSD 12.3-RELEASE-p1 GENERIC amd64 I have recently begun to see this in one of our (iocage managed) jails while logged in via ssh. # service postfix status /etc/rc.conf: $...
  16. pedz

    ZFS Confused about dirents, fstat, lstat, and inodes

    I'm on a TrueNAS so the file system is ZFS. I'm also in a "jail". The file system is originated on the base TrueNAS system and then it gets mounted into the jail. I have a program that runs through the file system creating a database of dirent entries and inode entries. I've assumed that the...
  17. thecodechemist

    Issues assigning epair interface to vnet jail

    Hi, I'm having issues with VNET on my FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p11 host running on a cloud VPS. After some other problems previously discussed in this thread, I'm now stuck with the following issue: I have a very simple VNET jail setup (config see below) and tried to manually assign it an epair...
  18. byrnejb

    Solved isc-dhcpd running in a freebsd 12.3p5 jail

    I have a problem getting dhcpd to run inside a iocage controlled jail. Following various bits and pieces found on the web I have successfully configured a jail with a VNET interface.. This appears to work as I can ping into and out off the jail from internal and external addresses. For...
  19. K

    jails iocage problem with jails processes

    Hi ! I have recently convert my jail from ezjail to iocage With the help of this script: https://dan.langille.org/2019/04/08/converting-thin-jails-to-thick-jails/ All work but sometimes if I stop a jail processes hangs even if jail is stopped. This process are not possible to kill so I need...
  20. A

    jails Issues starting my jail. Unexpected EOF

    Hello fellow daemons! Today I started making my first jail, but I got face to face with a problem. When I started my jail with "doas service jail start jail (the name of my jail)" it returned me an unexpected EOF: Starting jails: cannot start jail "jail": jail: /etc/jail.conf: unexpected EOF ...