1. M

    Need more guidance on FreeBSD as server for someone relatively new to networking(and FreeBSD).

    I have read around the forum for a bit and have a general idea of a decent structure for a server, let's use my own use case as an example. Static Site Jail: Nginx Reverse Proxy deploying mydomain.com, otherdomain.com. Git repository jail: Nginx + Cgit/other git implementation. File upload jail...
  2. I

    jails Does PCI Passthrough to a jailed bhyve VM work?

    Does PCI Passthrough to a jailed bhyve VM work, for the latest version - FreeBSD 14.1? I know PCI passthrough works for bhyve VMs. But does it work if the bhyve VM is inside a jailed? How do I configure that?
  3. J

    Solved brave does not work /dev/shm/ can not mount in jail

    I setup void Linux jail by following this tutorial https://antranigv.am/posts/2021/08/2021-08-21-00-37/ Create a file at /home/james/voidlinux/etc/fstab.pre and insert the following inside devfs /home/james/voidlinux/dev devfs rw 0 0 tmpfs...
  4. codeedog

    jails Subsetting Parent-Child Jail Permissions

    I have a workaround for this, I'm curious about parent-child permission usefulness (use cases). I've been playing around with hierarchal jails. I have a toy problem set up: 1 host + 4 jails. Jails: (1) Firewall/Gateway, (2) SSH Jump Server, (3) nginx Reverse Proxy, (4) Web Server. The Host is...
  5. HL1234

    /boot directory in a jail gets filled up?

    moved: Server and Networking > Emulation and virtualization /boot directory in a jail gets filled up?
  6. MsieurSVP

    Solved Jails with Nextcloud and OnlyOffice

    Well, me again, from France ;-( I've got three jails (managed with bastilleBSD ;-)) : one with nginx in frontal ; a second with Apache + Nextcloud (Why Apache ? Because, nginx seems not to be supported officialy in Nextcloud) ; a third with OnlyOffice. All is working well since a week... =>...
  7. markmcb

    PCI Passthrough of VFs Crash Host Card if Jails + Bhyve in Use

    I've been dealing with an issue for about 6 months now. Curious if anyone has ideas how to expand troubleshooting. Summary of issue: Use any SR-IOV capable network card on a Supermicro motherboard Enable SR-IOV Create only vnet jails using SR-IOV VFs: works great Create only bhyve VMs using...
  8. bratak

    Solved Vaultwarden in Bastille jail - No HTTPS

    Hi all I'm still new to FreeBSD. But I torture my Home-Lab as much as I can, to learn as much as possible. I started learning about Jails.It's a great concept, and now I use Bastille to manage Jails and in general it works superb. Here's my new goal I set for myself: 1. Setup a FreeBSD server...
  9. DtxdF

    Using geli(8) with AppJail

    geli(8) is one of the most powerful block device-layer disk encryption system available in FreeBSD, which protects our data against cold storage attacks. geli(8) encrypts our data so that a skilled intruder cannot see sensitive documents, or modify our data without us noticing that a...
  10. ivanov

    Solved thin jail mixup between 13.2 and 14.0 caused ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libcap_dns.so.2" not found, required by "ping"

    I was following the handbook when creating a thin jail and ended up with a jail where ping reports the following error: ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libcap_dns.so.2" not found, required by "ping" The fault is probably mine, but I wanted to understand better what happened. My host is...
  11. K

    PF To NAT or not to NAT? A host machine with PF and a jail running mail services

    Greetings. I have public NIC with few public IPs assigned; $ext_if = my external NIC with my public Internet addresses $public_IP_1 = one of my public Internet IP (assigned as an alias and working on $ext_if) And is my jail running on FreeBSD 14 host machine. I have the following PF...
  12. GoNeFast_01

    Solved Weird Network Bug Jail 14.0-Release compare 13.2-Release

    I created a jail with a configuration structure that I developed for all my internal freebsd jails, I decided to install 14.0-Release without CBSD/Churchers Bhyve, essentially good old FreeBSD Jails. The jail 14.0-Release does not create an ipv4; only the ipv6 option is in the ifconfig... I...
  13. Azrael

    Solved Restoring Bastille Export To New Jail

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct part of the forum. Or if this is even possible. I made a backup of a jail using bastille like this: bastille export --xz jail1 It saves a backup to /usr/local/bastille/backups/jail1_2023-12-23-041249.xz. I created the first jail like this...
  14. DtxdF

    How to Install Gitea on FreeBSD Using Appjail Director

    Managing our development projects is very easy nowadays, there are so many services to choose from, some with less or more features, but there is an open source project, self-hosted, with so many features that can be installed in a few minutes and the best part is that we can install it on...
  15. byrnejb

    jails py39-iocage-1.2_10 export returns non-zero status

    When I attempt to export a stopped iocage managed jail I am getting this error: # iocage export mx132& [1] 80640 [root@vhost03 ~ (master)]# Exporting dataset: zroot/iocage/jails/mx132 Exporting dataset: zroot/iocage/jails/mx132/root warning: cannot send...
  16. N

    Solved Can't delete folder of jail

    Hello. I was setting up a jail and I give up installing it and now I can't delete /jails/demojail folder. Those are errors that I am getting when I try to delete it. # rm -rf /jails/demojail/ rm: /jails/demojail/usr/bin/su: Operation not permitted rm: /jails/demojail/usr/bin/crontab: Operation...
  17. D

    jails New to bastille jails. Cannot stop bastille jails if bastille_enable="yes" in rc.conf

    (Using Bastille from ports Version 0.10.20231013) FreeBSD 13.2-p4, AMD64 Dear valued forum members, I am new to jails and spend the recent evenings following the official bastille manual to learn. Setting up different FBSD jails worked fine so far. Here is what I'm struggling with: Cannot...
  18. I

    Does Wayland work in Jails?

    I have been reading that Wayland is a replacement for X, so I searched the Web but there's nothing about configuraing Wayland to work in Jails. Does Wayland work in jails? If not, should I still stick with X? Some advice would be appreciated.
  19. K

    PF Quick pf.conf review?

    Hello there. I've a tiny FreeBSD VPS with two jails running within it. I'm reaching out the jails remotely via SSH (First jail: My.public.IP.addr:4215 - 2nd one: my.public.IP.addr:4214) by having the config below. lo1 = My Jails' virtual local interface I created via rc.conf. I don't know if...
  20. K

    jails Hide the main host's network interfaces from the jails?

    Hello. Is there any way to hide the network interfaces in jails? For instance, when I execute "ifconfig" in my jail, I see the interfaces from the host as well, such as; em0, lo0, pflog0..etc. Is there any way to hide them from the ifconfig output of the jails? My jail runs on lo1 and gets an...