1. K

    PF Quick pf.conf review?

    Hello there. I've a tiny FreeBSD VPS with two jails running within it. I'm reaching out the jails remotely via SSH (First jail: My.public.IP.addr:4215 - 2nd one: my.public.IP.addr:4214) by having the config below. lo1 = My Jails' virtual local interface I created via rc.conf. I don't know if...
  2. K

    jails Hide the main host's network interfaces from the jails?

    Hello. Is there any way to hide the network interfaces in jails? For instance, when I execute "ifconfig" in my jail, I see the interfaces from the host as well, such as; em0, lo0, pflog0..etc. Is there any way to hide them from the ifconfig output of the jails? My jail runs on lo1 and gets an...
  3. madwebness

    jails Isolating host-machine & sending traffic through a jail-proxy

    While I'm relatively new to FreeBSD, I took my time to first study it (read quite a few books, including the ones on networking and jails) and then I took about 2 months trying to create a perfect workstation for myself, but so far I was unsuccessful in my attempts to do it according to my...
  4. B

    ZFS Accidentally destroyed source files of jail mount point

    I really don't understand the structure of mount points in a jail. I didn't need to understand it until today. Here's what happened: In my TruNAS I suddenly had an error where a jail (crushFTP) would not run because a mount point had an ACL. How it developed the ACL I don't know. But deleting...
  5. ppbitb

    general/other Infrastructure design of Ruby on Rails application.

    Hey folks. I have a small hobby website which has been running for the past 15 years. It is a Ruby on Rails application. The architecture is nginx proxying to unicorn which wraps the ruby codebase. There are also a couple Resque processes (leveraging Redis) to handle async jobs which need...
  6. vukodlak

    Working Bhyve-Bastille-General config files/network for reference

    I decided to post a simple working setup from my FreeBSD box to help others that were struggling to find a working system to learn from like I was. This isn't meant to be an end-all solution but rather a reference and learning opportunity and I would gladly accept help and suggestions on how to...
  7. gotnull

    Solved Searching For The Right Technical Term

    Hi all, I need some help, I don't know exactly what I am looking for so I would like some advice with what I am trying to do here. So I play with NAT jails currently, and I would like to : _ access them using a proper domain name (a fake one see the note below) instead of IP+PORT. _ avoid the...
  8. gerger

    Jail's nat redirect does not work

    Hi all, I created a jail using Bastille. I would like to redirect traffic to the jail with haproxy. Somehow, the redirect does not work, I am not able to reach my python server externally. Here is the list of jails given by Bastille: # bastille list JID IP Address Hostname...
  9. S

    Jail can only occasionally reach internet

    Hello all. I recently purchased a miniture computer to use as a home server, and decided to try FreeBSD out for the first time. Part of my endeavor involved setting up a jail with ezjail and running nginx inside. Unfortunately, I'm experiencing an issue wherein the jail is only occasionally...
  10. GoNeFast_01

    Solved Running Jails inside Bhyve

    There is some writing about running Bhyve within a Jail (testing the opposite). Can you run jails within a Bhyve freebsd instances? I assume yes so, so I spend a few hours messing with a Bhyve FreeBSD I have for testing purposes... Installed a few jails in it and while I can make them...
  11. BobSlacker

    jails Wifi socks Hurd!

    So, I know that network doesn't work with bhyve and wifi, I'm using a lagg (wlan0 + em0) setup. But does anyone here was able to make jails+vnet work with wifi(in a lagg setup)?
  12. V

    PHP-FPM and MYSQL in separate jail than nginx

    Hi, after I was able to setup a nginx reverse proxy in jail to serve traffic for other jails I am stuck at another point: Nginx+Mysql+PHP in one jail works perfect for one website(and probably for more than 1). But the point of jails is that we want to run one site or one application in one...
  13. V

    Nginx reverse proxy on host plus nginx in multiple host

    Hi all, looked around about this topic, found a lot of articles but all confusing. Appreciate if someone can make it clear. It is about jails with internals IP in which are running different websites(let say WP with each having its own database and own php and own nginx inside reach jails), on a...
  14. draga79

    bhyve Article about moving from Proxmox to FreeBSD

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share an article that I recently wrote about migrating from Proxmox to FreeBSD's bhyve hypervisor. The article covers the process of migrating virtual machines, storage, and networking from Proxmox to bhyve, and includes tips and tricks that I learned along the way...
  15. DtxdF

    Python Python With Appjail | FastAPI

    Hi, I share this post from my (new) blog to show how to use AppJail and its Makejails to develop an API using FastAPI. Python With Appjail | FastAPI
  16. sdavidb

    jails Jail host on bridge unreachable over TCP (IPv6-only)

    Hello everyone... I'm fairly new to FreeBSD and come from a Linux/Docker background, but I've been amazed and impresed with the jails functionality in this OS. I've deployed a small DevOps/CI stack on a small Intel mini-PC in my home, using IPv4, if_bridge, and iocage. I'm trying to migrate...
  17. 174bpm

    jails How to set allow.mlock on an ezjail jail?

    Hi all, I'm trying to install emby-server into an ezjail-created jail. I need to set the "allow.mlock" jail configuration value to "1" but am being thwarted at every attempt. Host runs FreeBSD 13.1. I can't seem to find the right value to put in /usr/local/etc/ezjail/jailname.conf, and I the...
  18. rwv37

    jails jail using vnet - networking isn't working

    EDIT: PLEASE NOTE that I've now got things mostly working; the one remaining problem that I know of is that the jail host can't ping the jails (while other machines on my intranet can ping them). The config shown in this initial post is now out of date; the new config (and further details about...
  19. subnetspider

    jails How to best automate creation and management of Jails?

    I'm learning ansible and bastille to introduce some level of automation to my homelab and to use jails instead of FreeBSD VMs for my services. At the moment I manually create thick VNET jails with bastille and then set up my services with ansible where each jail is treated as a separate host...
  20. Alain De Vos

    How to compare bastille-bsd, ezjail, cbsd, pot, iocage,ezjail

    What are the strong and weak points of each system ? Or how do they compare ? When to use one or when another. https://www.bsdstore.ru/img/freebsd-jail-chart-2022.png