1. yaslam

    Best FreeBSD hardware

    I am looking for a GPU that is compatible with FreeBSD and has decent graphical acceleration, any recommendations? I plan for this system to be able to play 1080p 60FPS videos smoothly, it will also have 16GB of DDR4 Ram, and probably a Ryzen 5 3600, thanks.
  2. C

    Frame.work notebook, 12th gen Intel

    For anyone, who's thinking about buying - I'm documenting my experiences/pains... UEFI boot+install works out of the box w/ 13.1 X11 does not work, unless switching to vesa framebuffer (I'll post later, how I got it running), don't bother installing kmod, because it appears we're SOL with Alder...
  3. U

    How to learn my bluetooth device?

    İ checked handbook and forums and i need to know if my bluetooth device is broadcom or not. How can i learn my bluetooth device. İ mean inside the computer.
  4. Sivan!

    not much of a boot delay, but too many entries in dmesg

    drm loads nine different firmware images, there is a struggle setting up the amplifier ? and multiple entries starting with 'pcm' The output of dmesg looks ugly, what might have gone wrong with the settings? My speakers are not connected at the moment, I modified config files while trying...
  5. Kamey03

    Will my computer be compatible with FreeBSD?

    Hello everyone, I'm a linux and windows user who never tried any form of BSD before, I'd like to install BSD on my computer and try it out, possibly learn about it and its usage. I'm wondering if my computer will be capable of running FreeBSD with a desktop environment, as I don't know if my...
  6. Sivan!

    Solved Shutdown now shuts down almost, takes a hard interrupt to complete.

    Worked well, works well with Kde Plasma, but for the last few days shutdown now doesn't fully shut down the computer (it is not a network of server-client computers, but one dekstop computer) shut down process goes through almost till the end, the monitor goes blank, the hardware probably comes...
  7. I

    Do i need to worry about wifi drivers when installing freebsd?

    I had problems with a lot of linux distros related to missing wifi drivers that are a pain in the butt or near impossible to install, will i need to install wifi drivers first before installing freebsd?
  8. hakova

    Trying to get Dell DW 1801 work with FreeBSD 13.0-Stable

    Dear all, Did anybody have good luck getting this wireless laptop adapter recognized and work with FreeBSD? If so, which driver needs to be used? I had bad luck with ath (random try), bwi and bwn drivers. I believe this is the network adapter in Dell Inspiron 3000 series laptops. Currently...
  9. M

    My Mouse Scrolling Not Working on 13

    Hi! Recently I've tried freebsd, it is much more awesome than those linux distros, and I think this is what an unix-like OS should actually be. However, I've encounter some problems that are beyond my knowledge: I've install the OS using VirtualBox, and VBox reports that "Mouse Integeration" is...
  10. RoGeorge

    First microprocessor? (not Intel 4004)

    Most of the historic sources will point to Intel 4004 as the first microprocessor. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/history/museum-story-of-intel-4004.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_4004 However, the Intel 4004 was not the first microprocessor. :oops: The first...
  11. J

    ThinkPad T430s weird issues

    Hello, Recently I've switched from Slackware to FreeBSD-13.0 on my T430s. I'm very happy with how does the system run etc. but some things just seem to not work that well: Laptop goes to sleep after opening a lid. To suspend the laptop I have to close and then open the lid, only after then it...
  12. S

    Dream Setup

    Hello! I've been itching to get my hands on a machine to install FreeBSD on, for about a year now. During this time I've stumbled upon three laptops and two stationary computers, non of which were capable of running the system (You guessed it - driver problems ;) ). The point is, I think I've...
  13. I

    FreeBSD hanged (I think) due to driver issue

    Something terrible happened. My FreeBSD PC (v. 13) hanged. Upon rebooting and examinig, it looks like the graphics driver is the culprit: (above error message is found in /var/log/messages, and typed (because the PC's network is not connected) Any thoughts about this? Or since this is...
  14. F

    Can I compile Linux hardware code with FreeBSD?

    So I have a close-source wi-fi card. It works fine with windows ofc and fine with Linux because Ubuntu's developers develop a hardware support for that driver and its open-source. So Im really enjoying using FreeBSD but not being able to connection internet without ethernet cable or extra wi-fi...
  15. P

    "Fn" key not recognized to change the screen brightness on Dell laptop.

    Hi, My laptop is a dell latitude 7240 with a Haswell cpu. Mate Desktop is installed. My goal is to get the “fn” working to change the screen brightness. I installed https://www.freshports.org/graphics/intel-backlight and I can change the screen brightness by entering ,for.e.g...
  16. aponomarenko

    A new way to find compatible parts for a computer based on self-reporting

    A new method of searching for compatible parts for upgrading a computer has become available based on the data from the BSD-Hardware.info portal using the hw-probe telemetry/self-reporting client. The idea is quite simple — different users of the same computer model (or motherboard) can use...
  17. dch

    Solved support for hardware watchdogs in supermicro mainboard (X10SRA-F)

    My system started hanging a few weeks ago, and I'm suspecting hardware problems. It's a hard hang, the whole system freezes but never reboots. This post is about finding a way to trigger a reboot if the system hangs, not the actual problem itself! My mainboard has both IPMI, and a BIOS enabled...
  18. M

    Intel AX200 Wi-Fi Module Support

    Hello. I recently setup a OPNSense firewall, and everything works great except it appears that FreeBSD does not support the Intel AX200 Wi-Fi module. Does anybody know if it will be supported in the near future, or if there is any way to get it work today? I've SSH'd into the firewall and run...
  19. I

    DHCP gets IP address wrong

    I just installed FreeBSD 12.2. I'm trying to set up internet access with an Intel 8260 Dual Band AC wifi adapter. I'm using an Xfinity Technicolor XB6 router from Comcast which has an IP address of and when using DHCP it assigns IP addresses in the form of 10.0.0.x. For some reason the...
  20. K

    Porting freeBSD to macbook pro 2015

    Hello all, I am a new user to FreeBSD and I decided that I wanted to move from MacOS to FreeBSD. I am currently using a Macbook pro from 2015 and I want to do the transition from MacOS to FreeBSD for both privacy reasons and familiarize with another operating system. I am currently studying...