FreeBSD hanged (I think) due to driver issue


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Something terrible happened. My FreeBSD PC (v. 13) hanged. Upon rebooting and examinig, it looks like the graphics driver is the culprit:

drmn0 intel_gt_reset_global timed out, cancelling all in-flight rendering
drm error gen8_engine_reset_prepare rcs0 reset request timed out
(above error message is found in /var/log/messages, and typed (because the PC's network is not connected)

Any thoughts about this? Or since this is driver/hardware issue, so nothing much could be done about it?

Alain De Vos


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You could verify the video card you are using, the drivers you are loading, in which way, and the version.


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Did it happen only once? Or multiple times? Is it reproducible, or does it happen "randomly"?


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Had it definitely crashed? Or just hung?

Could you connect to it from another machine?

Could you bring up a terminal with Ctrl-Alt-F1 (might just be Alt-F1 on FreeBSD)?