1. Keve

    Functional desktop with gnome3-lite

    I used the "Lite" meta-port of GNOME in the past, I guess that was gnome2-lite. As memory serves, I just installed the package, did not need to build anything from ports. Added something like gnome2-session or gnome-session to my .xinitrc, and startx loaded a fully functional GNOME desktop. And...
  2. clawhammer video not loading on firefox

    I have gnome3 installed and youtube videos play but when I go to and select a stream the player is blank. I reset all my history in firefox but that didnt work. Does anyone know what twitch isnt working?
  3. C

    Stuck in a reboot loop after enabling nvidia driver (Macbook Air)

    Hi all! I have a MacBookAir3,2 (13") with a Nvidia GeForce 320M and FreeBSD 11.1 installed. I took most of the configuration from this thread: Installed nvidia-driver-340 that fits the card, according to I got these errors in Xorg.0.log: [...
  4. D

    Oh no! Something has gone wrong (GNOME3)

    I installed GNOME3 last week (from ports) and used it successfully all week. Worked great. Unfortunately, I went away for the weekend and turned off my desktop. I must have changed something the last time I used my machine because now, after I enter my login in GDM, I get a white screen that...
  5. H

    GNOME3 gnome-shell crashing

    So, I installed FreeBSD 10.3 and pkg install'd xorg and gnome3. Set the required daemons to start in rc.conf and got into gnome3 gdm and desktop without too much trouble. When using the thing, however, gnome-shell, and other stuff too, keeps crashing all the time, which is mostly visible as the...
  6. O

    subversion client apps for GNOME

    I went looking for subversion clients for the desktop. I already use the subclipse plugin in java/eclipse but there are times when a "stand-alone" client is more convenient. The two most interesting candidates I found are: kdesvn (devel/kdesvn-kde4) and RabbitVCS kdesvn...
  7. fnoyanisi

    Solved GNOME3 uses caja as the default file manager

    Hi, I was using x11/mate as my desktop manager and recently decided to install x11/gnome3. There are some issues I have been struggling with; 1 ) GNOME insists using x11-fm/caja instead of x11-fm/nautilus as the main file manager 2 ) x11-fm/nautilus uses large icons, that I don't like. When I...