subversion client apps for GNOME

I went looking for subversion clients for the desktop. I already use the subclipse plugin in java/eclipse but there are times when a "stand-alone" client is more convenient.

The two most interesting candidates I found are:

[FONT=Courier New]kdesvn[/FONT] (devel/kdesvn-kde4) and [FONT=Courier New]RabbitVCS[/FONT]

kdesvn appears to run fine, but it doesn't provide integration with the file manager, and some aspects of its usability could do with some tweaking (e.g. the right-click menu on the repo hierarchy doesn't include the fundamental operations like "checkout" - have to go to the "Subversion" menu for that).

RabbitVCS was inspired by "TortoiseSVN" which is an excellent utility in the Microsoft Windows environment, however RabbitVCS doesn't appear to ever have been ported to FreeBSD that I could find, and the needed Python bindings for nautilus were deprecated in the transition to GNOME3.

Has anyone tried to get RabbitVCS running on FreeBSD? Or favour some other client that runs in GNOME3, or another environment?
I was looking for devel/kdesvn. I am happy to report it runs fine with latest kde5. One can use it standalone, from Dolphin and even Krusader. It is perhaps not as featureful as TortoiseSVN, but quite good.