1. J

    login problem

    pkg i386 installing seamonkey _4 > _5 on my desktop [ I am writing from a backup ] has segfaulted seamonkey. As opera does not connect to the forums, I tried using Firefox. It seems firefox won't allow '2' etc to be entered, so I cannot log into the forums as it is in my username...
  2. K

    Firefox shows distorted video with pink color

    Hello. When I enable 'hardware acceleration' in Firefox's options I get pink haze on every video I watch in Firefox. (see screenshot - (original link: ) Disabling that option fixes the video's color. That happens on Firefox-ESR 45.7.0 When I tried to use Firefox 51.1.0...
  3. W

    Need help installing linux-c6-flashplugin11

    I cannot even seem to find a valid port. I am using FreeBSD 10.3 AMD64. I am using Firefix 50.0.2. Could somebody walk me through this?
  4. W

    Need JRE in Firefox or Chrome

    Running 64-bit FreeBSD 10.3. I have Firefox 49 and Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 (64-bit) and Midori 0.5.11 installed. I am taking a skillsoft course that requires JRE installed in the browser. I installed JRE, but I can find no way to add the plugin for any browser. Is this even possible...
  5. S

    Solved firefox 45.4.0 esr

    Hi. This port (www/firefox-esr) been upgraded to version 45.4 esr. But I do not see this in the releases. It came to us from the future?. The link of changes not work. Changes:
  6. smj

    Solved Firefox, zero-length .sqlite files, and NFS/ZFS

    [ tl;dr - When configuring an NFS client, don't forget to add nfs_client_enable, rpc_lockd_enable, and rpc_statd_enable in /etc/rc.conf ... ] Last week I decided to rebuild my primary desktop, going from 10.1 to 10.3. Installing the OS, the update to -p7, windowing system & window managers, et...
  7. L

    Is VMWare img different from installed version?

    Hi I am totally new to FreeBSD. I am normally using MacOS and Windows, and have also some experience with Linux on Embedded devices. I had expected the img to be similar to an installed Ubuntu, but it did not even have X installed. During the installation of the xorg and laer firefox I came...
  8. A

    How to set the default group for Firefox downloading

    Hi, I installed www/firefox and set the default download directory to /home/usr0/down/: % id uid=1001(usr0) gid=1001(usr0) groups=1001(usr0),0(wheel) % ls -ld ~/down drwxr-xr-x 4 usr0 usr0 512 Apr 30 01:23 /home/usr0/down When I used the built-in function to download a file named FILE, the...
  9. amiramix

    Bug in forum when posting to a thread: Firefox on FreeBSD

    Very often when I want to add a new post to an existing thread the Post Reply button doesn't reload the page. The page shows the "thinking" widget in the upper right corner and my post is still in the editing state. I need to reload the page manually. The post is being added but what I wrote is...
  10. aragats

    No access to Forums

    There were so many discussions regarding similar issues. I've read them, but still cannot figure out what's happened recently that I cannot access Forums from my home network using various browsers. I've rebooted my modem to get a new IP. Also checked both old and new IPs with...
  11. T

    Why does Firefox crash every time I update it?

    Just a question, in case anyone has an answer: why does the Firefox port crash every time I update it? Example from today's update, from /var/log/messages: Feb 9 21:31:09 kg-core1 pkg: firefox-44.0,1 deinstalled Feb 9 21:31:17 kg-core1 pkg-static: firefox-44.0.1,1 installed Feb 9 21:32:11...
  12. F

    Solved Firefox 43 didn't work

    Hi, all. My system is FreeBSD 10.2 x64 with Gnome 3.14. I used pkg install firefox to get Firefox 43.0.4. Although the cursor showed that Firefox was loading, my Firefox did not work in fact. How to find out the problem? I checked ~/.mozilla and got nothing special. Thanks for help.
  13. graemeg

    Solved www/firefox v42 seems broken

    I've just updated my ports collection and noticed that there is a new Firefox version. I tried to build it on FreeBSD 10.2 (amd64) but got the following error. I'm not a C/C++ developer so have no clue. Has anybody else had any luck building the latest Firefox in ports? gmake[7]: Leaving...
  14. ronaldlees

    On par with Windows finally

    I really hate to see binary blobs downloaded at runtime into a slot in the Firefox software running on my FreeBSD-10.2 installation, by a corporation that builds half the world's internet routers, and is certainly in a position to do almost anything they please with my traffic. I wrote that all...
  15. H

    How To: Execute Firefox in a jail using iocage and ssh/jailme

    Motivations The main reason to put a browser in a jail is quite simple : browsers cannot be trusted. They are too much exposed. Executing a browser inside a jail is a way to be sure that the damages induced by a malicious software are contained (as much as possible). I decided to write this...
  16. S

    Solved X11 applications in iocage jails

    I'm trying to install a web browser in a jail (something like this guy did with Linux containers: ). I've successfully created the jail and installed Xorg and Firefox with iocage. Now I can't start Firefox, either with iocage exec...
  17. H

    Solved Firefox with German menu

    Hello, I've tried to get a German localized Firefox, but without success. With packages firefox-esr and firefox-esr-i18n switching to German localization doesn't work and also with packages firefox and firefox-i18n a switch to German language has no affect. What can I do to get German...