1. eternal_noob

    Solved Firefox tabs crash on Raspberry Pi

    No question, just posting the solution for Firefox's (www/firefox-esr) massive suffering from tab crashes when running it on arm64 on a Raspberry Pi. Took me 2 weeks to find out that the internal WebGL engine does not like the software (only) rendering of the xf86-video-scfb driver. Solution...
  2. christhegeek

    Solved I have a problem opening links (generated pdf documents) from our government websites i can open them on chromium but not in firefox

    I have a problem opening links (generated pdf documents) from our government websites i can open them on chromium but not in firefox I got only the html code for a web page that says that my session has ended . The same problem i have in other government sites too.
  3. U

    Requesting info on Capsicum specifically intergration with programs E.G. Firefox

    I have been reviewing the documentation and have not been able to find anything relating to how capsicum is integrated into the OS nor how one needs to configure the program. When installing Firefox/Firefox-esr, I received a message from the pkg (line 9 is what I am referring to), 4 ##...
  4. B

    jails Possible Bug with jexec Usage in Combo with Jails and Firefox

    Ok this is going to be a long one and I REALLY need the mods and smart guys on here to read this, because I think this is a bug, I just don't know with what exactly. I'll try to be as brief as possible but as descriptive as necessary. Description I have a set of GUI jails connected to the...
  5. X

    Unable to install Firefox on Raspberry Pi 3

    Hi, I installed FreeBSD 12.2-Release image for the Raspberry Pi 3 and I was able to get most things up and running smoothly (pkg, sudo, xorg). However, when I try to install firefox with pkg install firefox, it gives me this message: Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... FreeBSD repository...
  6. E

    Firefox and Firefox ESR on 12.2-RELEASE, segmentation faults

    I updated to 12.2-RELEASE recently and compile firefox (normally, www/firefox-esr) with portmaster. I was using firefox-esr 68, with the 2020Q3 ports tree. Now with 2020Q4 it's on firefox-esr 78 and my firefox builds segfault, even in --headless mode. Is anyone having this issue with the...
  7. xchris

    end of firefox?

    I am helping a friend to get rid off his linux but its something weird here, there is no firefox on the packages I tried even a fresh install, no f way, the pkg search returns only the firefox-esr-78 I am pretty sure I have (at the PC at home) the firefox 81.. thats weird, the ISO I am using is...
  8. S

    Linuxulator Firefox 68

    I have installed firefox 68 and it runs under linuxulator, its 12.1 release-p8, CentOS 7 in /compat/linux but I can't browse SSL enabled sites.(without SSL it works) I have latest nss and nspr for CentOS 7 installed in /compat/linux. It runs latest steam, google-earth etc... with no issues but...
  9. E

    I saw on reddit that someone made a BSD server to have websites unblocked at their school, How can I do this?

    According to the reddit post, the kid made a server, and used ssh to connect to it. He had a version of firefox that ran on the chromebooks/PCs on a flashdrive that routed the requests to the BSD server rather than the schools dns filter. I have putty connected, the firefox and flashdrive is...
  10. L

    Unable to install or find Firefox in repositories

    After a fresh install of freebsd 12.1 I changed pkg repos to latest. Did a pkg update -f. I am unable to install Firefox. I get a message saying no packages available to install matching Firefox have been found in the repositories. Will someone be willing to assist me as to how to proceed...
  11. vlig

    FreeBSD 12.1 amd64. Packages disappeared from repository

    Hello! I'm on the latest pkg repository. pkg search firefox, telegram-desktop, vlc, chromium produces no result (just 2 choices for chromium, but not the browser). I guess there is much more absence of packages. Where are they??? UPD. I have firefox, but after system updating, it refused to...
  12. CiotBSD

    Firefox Addon Search Manpage FreeBSD

    Hi. Just FYI: My Firefox's addon to search a man page into official FreeBSD manual page server approved! - Source code :
  13. P

    Solved Firefox Crashses X Server

    Hello, I've been using FreeBSD for many years now on my servers, but I decided to try it out on my ThinkPad x220 with a desktop environment. I have setup Xorg on my machine, and I'm currently using awesome wm. I'm trying to configure awesome wm (i.e. setting up new keybinds, changing themes)...
  14. coyote_zed

    Solved Installing Firefox and Thunderbird

    I just did a fresh install of FreeBSD 12.1 and installed Mate as well. Now I’m trying to install Firefox and thunderbird but pkg doesn’t seem to be able to find the packages. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. B

    Firefox Pocket recommendations gone?

    I upgraded Firefox to the latest release (72.0.2,1) for FreeBSD (1200086) on January 29. I did not notice it at the time but the ability to allow Pocket recommendations seems to have disappeared. Or it has moved somewhere that I cannot find. This I wrote off to the Mozilla churn department...
  16. NapoleonWils0n

    Firefox 72 picture in picture video working on Freebsd

    Hi Just a head up that Firefox 72 picture in picture video is working on Freebsd Open a video on youtube click the blue icon that appears on compatible video players/embeds. This makes the video “pop out” in to its own floating player frame which you can resize and reposition on your screen...
  17. clawhammer video not loading on firefox

    I have gnome3 installed and youtube videos play but when I go to and select a stream the player is blank. I reset all my history in firefox but that didnt work. Does anyone know what twitch isnt working?
  18. NapoleonWils0n

    Firefox userContent.css Google search solarized colour scheme

    Firefox has the option to override the css of a domain by creating a userContent.css css stylesheet This allows us to apply our own custom css to a domain For instance changing the the white background on to solarized dark colour scheme, to make things a little easier on the eyes...
  19. NapoleonWils0n

    Manifest v3 and the future of ad blocking on Chromium

    According to 9to5google Google is deprecating the blocking capabilities of the webRequest API in Manifest V3, not the entire webRequest API (though blocking will still be available to enterprise deployments). So the question is will adblocking extension like umatrix and ublock origin continue...
  20. NapoleonWils0n

    Newsboat rss reader enable vim key bindings

    Newsboat is a RSS/Atom feed reader for the text console Newsboat install # pkg install newsboat Here's how to change the Newsboats to use vim style key bindings Create the newsboat config file vi ~/.newsboat/config Then add the code below to the config file and save # general settings...