1. T

    (Where) Are the topics mentioned in the pkg-message of firefox being worked on?

    Hello, when installing firefox from packages or ports you will be presented with this as part of the pkg-message. Sadly it doesn't mention something like bug numbers or anything like that so I think it's hard to act upon this if one wanted to get the hands dirty. It's also not clear where...
  2. R

    Ports "make install" works fine, but synth build fails

    Hello all! I've just installed FreeBSD 11.2-PRERELEASE, and I'm learning to use synth... So, after a portsnap fetch update, I am trying to build firefox 60.0.1 with sndio. Then I would do a simple "make config", enable sndio option and disable alsa, jack and pulseaudio. And, indeed, if I "make...
  3. Nicola Mingotti

    Solved Issues with mainstream Browsers

    Hi guys, I have some problems with the two browsers Chromium and Firefox provided with FreeBSD-11.1. I installed by package and the releases I am using are : firefox-58.0.2,1 chromium-63.0.3239.132 I post this to know if you experience the same issues, if you confirm I will fill...
  4. bortzy

    Solved after upgrade from 11.0 to 11.1, firefox/thunderbird have a strange look

    After upgrading from 11.0 to 11.1, firefox and thunderbird look has change: - scroll bars have no more central button - buttons have no more border - selected text is no more in reverse video - input fields have no more border I have use the freebsd-update to do the upgrade as describe in the...
  5. Nicola Mingotti

    conflict between : firefox-esr and with firefox

    Hi, I am currently using Firefox in FreeBSD-11.1, installed from package. I would like to install also package "firefox-esr" but I get the following error: pkg: firefox-58.0.2,1 conflicts with firefox-esr-52.6.0_2,1 (installs files into the same place). Problematic file...
  6. i-bsd

    Firefox fonts jagged and ugly

    This topic really needs an up-to-date, comprehensive How-To. Font rendering in Firefox is hideous. The webfonts pkg does not change it and every suggestion I've found does not work. Chromium looks fine. Can anyone advise how to fix this and get font rendering for Firefox working as it should be?
  7. DiscmanDaemon

    Automating Headless Firefox with XVFB in Jails without login

    Hello all, I am trying to make use of the jails to run instances of a selenium/firefox app. To make Firefox run "headlessly", I am using XVFB (yes I do know that PhantomJS exists. This is testing a Firefox extension, so it really needs to be firefox) Currently, it works fine if I manually log...
  8. poorandunlucky


    Soo... I finally gave-up, and installed Poudrière, and it took over 12 hours, it it managed to compile Firefox without a hitch; however, when trying to visit some sites like Google, Youtube, Bing, and Facebook, Firefox displays an error page that says: An immediate fix for this is to go to...
  9. Tu_Vieja

    Software recommendatios for a new(bie) system.

    Greetings, BSDers. In the verge of migrating to a FreeBSD desktop enviroment, I'm looking for some advice about what software is recommended that follow these principles: -"Do one thing and do it well." (The core in UNIX philosophy) -Have a BSD/MIT or any other permissive license. Even if I'm...
  10. Farhan Khan

    Firefox sync server?

    Is there a Firefox sync server available for FreeBSD? Anything in ports? I heard of www/weave, but it seems to no longer be in ports or even exist anymore upstream. There is also syncserver. I got it to work on Ubuntu (which it was written for), but it failed to build on FreeBSD. I would not...
  11. grahamperrin

    pkg(8) lock of Firefox

    To any user of -RELEASE who has locked www/firefox in the past: in your experience, what types of dependency issue arose as the weeks or months passed? Re line 140 I imagine that it's prudent to also lock www/flashplayer. (-CURRENT in that paste, but the essence...
  12. henninb

    Solved Apache/SSL setup not working with Firefox

    I am working on setting up SSL on apache24 web server on my local network with a self signed certificate. I am able to confirm it is working with curl and openssl (see the details below), however I am not able to get it working with firefox. I imported my self signed cert to firefox, however...
  13. T

    Solved Firefox and SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3 error

    Installing Firefox v55.00 from source ports results in: DEBUG: return !sqlite3_compileoption_used("SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3"); DEBUG: } DEBUG: configure: error: System SQLite library is not compiled with SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3. ERROR: old-configure failed The installed...
  14. amiramix

    GTK3/Firefox UI issue and reinstallation of packages

    Firefox on my computer expresses a weird UI issue where many controls are rendered without their borders. For example, radios or checkboxes can be selected but are invisible, since they have no border. Also selecting text doesn't highlight the selected part of the text. I can select and copy the...
  15. cvnmjs

    Firefox Unexpectedly Closes (Bus error)

    Hello all, At irregular intervals I have this problem of www/firefox (compiled from ports) closing unexpectedly. It happens across all four Firefox profiles. After it closes I can find a 'firefox.core' file in various directories. When I launch Firefox from the shells/fish shell and the process...
  16. T

    Firefox - crashes when using the "close tab" button - sometimes

    Here is an annoying bug in Firefox: when I click on the "close tab" button, sometimes Firefox crashes (or performs an unclean shutdown, because on restart it asks to restore windows and tabs). Has anyone else seen this bug? Details: - discovered after I upgraded Firefox to 51.0.1_2,1 (I'm pretty...
  17. Don Lazov

    Firefox will not launch

    I just installed FreeBSD, and also setup and configured xorg, xfce, slim and ran: pkg install firefox But when I try to launch Firefox off the menu or the panel nothing happens, when I try to launch it from a terminal I see the following error: dlazov@zovs-freebsd$ firefox XPCOMGlueLoad error...
  18. J

    login problem

    pkg i386 installing seamonkey _4 > _5 on my desktop [ I am writing from a backup ] has segfaulted seamonkey. As opera does not connect to the forums, I tried using Firefox. It seems firefox won't allow '2' etc to be entered, so I cannot log into the forums as it is in my username...
  19. K

    Firefox shows distorted video with pink color

    Hello. When I enable 'hardware acceleration' in Firefox's options I get pink haze on every video I watch in Firefox. (see screenshot - (original link: ) Disabling that option fixes the video's color. That happens on Firefox-ESR 45.7.0 When I tried to use Firefox 51.1.0...
  20. W

    Need help installing linux-c6-flashplugin11

    I cannot even seem to find a valid port. I am using FreeBSD 10.3 AMD64. I am using Firefix 50.0.2. Could somebody walk me through this?