1. Cath O'Deray

    Security: end of life dates for FreeBSD stable/12, 12.4, and stable/13

    stable/12 and 12.4 31st December 2023 <> stable/13 30th April 2026 <>
  2. chrislongros

    Is it possible to build the FreeBSD documentation in Linux?

    I have a local repo of freebsd-doc in a Linux system and I want to reconstruct the new handbook changes. The problem is the make utility gives the following error: Makefile:24: *** missing separator. Stop.
  3. rwv37

    permalinks for FreeBSD Handbook for particular versions?

    I'm specifically interested in a permalink for the English version of the Handbook for 14.0, but I'd like to know in general how/if such links can be obtained. The "Handbook" link in the "Documentation" dropdown for links to, which is for...
  4. razetime

    man page for apropos(1) references nonexistent options from page for man(1)

    Environment: FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE releng/13.2-n254617-525ecfdad597 GENERIC RPi 400 The listing for apropos(1), under the Description heading, after the options are listed, contains the following line: I found that -c and -l were not documented in man(1). On further inspection man(1) stated...
  5. Cath O'Deray

    Solved FreeBSD Handbook improvement surveys – announcement and background

    For the benefit of people who do not have a full subscription to freebsd-announce: <> <> <>...
  6. Cath O'Deray

    Styling FreeBSD documentation (articles, books, wiki …)

    Can a user style move tables of contents to the left of articles? For use with e.g. Stylus. Thanks. <>
  7. decuser

    Other Confusing documentation

    Having read, and re-read Chapter 31. Firewalls, I'm hugely disappointed in the lack of clear direction offered by the author. As a reference, it's not horrible, but for someone looking to turn on the firewall so their workstation or server is relatively safe, it's not good. I'm not a new user...
  8. nerozero

    doxygen-1.9.1,2 failed to build, bison - core dumped

    Hello, unable to rebuild devel/doxygen [ 30%] Linking CXX static library ../lib/libvhdlparser.a cd /usr/ports/devel/doxygen/work/.build/vhdlparser && /usr/local/bin/cmake -P CMakeFiles/vhdlparser.dir/cmake_clean_target.cmake cd /usr/ports/devel/doxygen/work/.build/vhdlparser &&...
  9. sidetone

    Documentation switched to AsciiDoc

    FreeBSD books and articles switched formats from DocBook to a lighterweight AsciiDoc. This was intended to make document contributions easier. Manpages remained as mdoc. (This was written about in the latest FreeBSD Journal)
  10. P

    iwm in FreeBSD 13 Hardware Notes

    I was going through the FreeBSD 13 Hardware Notes and couldn't find any mention of the wireless network adapters supported by iwm driver. Is this a mistake or is there any reason behind it e.g too unstable yet to use etc. ?
  11. ShelLuser

    [Guide] Using Git to manage ports, source and documentation.

    Hi gang! Disclaimer: I am honestly a little excited about recent developments so expect to find some (small) opinionated parts in this guide. Nothing excessive mind you, but I can sometimes get a little carried away and despite some believes I never really plan guides like this. Editorial In...
  12. H

    doxygen = pkg bomb

    % uname -a FreeBSD fbsd.local 11.3-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE-p3 #0: Mon Aug 19 21:08:43 UTC 2019 amd64 % pkg install doxygen Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... FreeBSD repository is up to date. All repositories are...
  13. mod3777

    FreeBSD documentation and XML

    I have submitted my first contribution to FreeBSD documentation. However I use vim and I had to modify XML with vim. I don't have any prior experience in manipulating XML, but I tell you, I am not having fun with this. How you people comfortably contribute to FreeBSD documentation? This is my...
  14. ShelLuser

    Documentation: what sets amateurs & professionals apart...

    Note: this is a somewhat opinionated writing, but I can back up all my statements with evidence (and I will). I also want to point out that my post isn't necessarily meant to talk down on Linux (hence not mentioning it in the topic), but after seeing all this I did feel like outing a critical...
  15. I

    Where is official documentation for "jail.conf"?

    Since the several past releases, we had been been getting this message: /etc/rc.d/jail: WARNING: Per-jail configuration via jail_* variables is obsolete. Please consider migrating to /etc/jail.conf. I had been keeping watch on the jails documentation for a few years and still couldn't see...
  16. Rastko

    Solved GVFS double instructions

    It seems to me that there is much overlap with FreeBSD documentation versus vendor documentation. It seems such is the case with GVFS ntfs support. For example, Nautilus in Gnome 3 already sees the partitions on my external USB2, but by default there is no access. Only manually was I able to...
  17. sidetone

    Documentation improvement

    As for documentation, the way it is, is inefficient. Different people are responsible for different pages of it, so when you suggest an improvement, they, understandably, aren't there for periods of time. The Handbook becomes stagnant, in this state. There is a stigma about wikis, because many...
  18. F

    Post your FreeBSD setup/build?

    I was thinking.. since I've just finished my FreeBSD/ZFS NAS build - wouldn't it be nice to have a thread on this forum somewhere where people can post their setup, and the way they've built their setup, and the problems they've encountered during the build, hardware components used etc. etc...
  19. Remington

    FreeBSD Handbook Online Documentation Editor

    Why can't FreeBSD have online documentation editor for its official Handbook? It certainly will make things much easier for contributors to edit and update the Handbook online rather than installing CVS and trying to figure out how to use it. Personally, I think CVS is great for code...
  20. H

    It is time to say sorry

    Hello, in summer of last year I've started to work with FreeBSD, to get familiar with it. As a Linux user for a long time I've compared some things around documentation and I thought, that for example Arch Linux is much more well documented than FreeBSD and discussed it here. Some people here...