1. hellfire103

    Has anyone got the Mullvad Browser working?

    I've started using Mullvad Browser on my Linux and Darwin boxes, but I've had a lot of difficulty in getting it to run on FreeBSD (or any BSD). Thus far, I've tried running it in jails (Debian 11 and CentOS 7), which crashed my PC; and using the Windows version through emulators/wine, which had...
  2. N

    No sound in browsers but works elsewhere

    I'm a non-technical person running FreeBSD 13.2-STABLE on an ASUS Vivobook laptop. Up until recently I was able to watch YouTube videos, etc... with sound in Firefox. Today it has become apparent that sound no longer works from Firefox, and I tested it in Chomium too and it doesn't work there...
  3. GoNeFast_01

    Firefox version 111.0 ,2 and Qutebrowser 2.5.3+ problems

    FreeBSD 13.1-Release-p2 So my libreoffice crashed recently (2-5 days ago) and began giving me error output relating to QT library... Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (5.15.5) with this library (5.15.7) Qutebrowser gave me a similar issue 15:12:47 CRITICAL: Cannot mix incompatible Qt library...
  4. morgan1111

    Solved Issue with accessing certain sites

    After a fresh BSD install, I am having issues with accessing the majority of sites such as Google and duck duck go. This occurs across both the latest pkg package or chromium and Firefox. I can however still access some sites such as It is weird however because I can ping
  5. salvomic

    FreeBSD 14: no gnome3 and Firefox?

    hi, I've installed freeBSD 14 current in a virtual machine Parallels in my MacBook M1 pro (Silicon, ARM). Mostly ok (mate + slim) a part of resolution stuck to 1028x768 (how to increase? here it need a virtue-gpu driver) and a fundamental problem with mouse in GUI (stuck) solved putting...
  6. A

    How do you view a webpage without a browser in a console?

    How do you view a webpage without a browser in a console?
  7. F

    Solved [INFO] How to remove many gnome apps

    It becomes preinstalled with Gnome3 and possibly many others. So there is the command: pkg remove epiphany and then removing games maybe: pkg remove atomix pkg remove gnome-2048 pkg remove gnome-nibbles pkg remove gnome-chess pkg remove five-or-more pkg remove lightsoff pkg remove gnome-mahjongg...
  8. aragats

    How to use microphone with Firefox?

    It doesn't work with both plain OSS and audio/sndio, i.e. Firefox asks for permission to use it on the corresponding web sites (like FB Messenger), then shows a mic's icon that it's in use, but it doesn't actually work. It works in Chromium. What am I missing?
  9. M


    Is anybody interested in creating a port for this (preferably with libva support for HW accelerated video)? ungoogled-chromium @ GitHub ungoogled-chromium (for Arch Linux with the VAAPI patch) @ GitHub There is an open issue for adding FreeBSD support but that hasn't found more interest since...
  10. T

    Disaster strikes - SeaMonkey removed from ports tree

    Without warning, like most disasters, SeaMonkey was deleted from the ports tree overnight. No note in UPDATING which I check before each port upgrade run. I'm using the same mail spool dating back to Netscape Communicator on Windows NT in 1996. Fear not, I've rescued my SeaMonkey port from the...
  11. F1R3-R4H

    Porting a program

    A long time ago, I found some kind of fusion between Opera and Tor. It was called OperaTor, I wonder that no one here has heard nor read about it, since it was only for the system of Micr0s0ft Microsoft. Well, the thing is that I really liked that program: it was slow (of course, it's based on...
  12. Nicola Mingotti

    Solved Sudden mouse movement change page in Web browsers

    Dear friends, I just installed FreeBSD 11.2 in a VirtualBox virtual machine, Windows 10 Host (new workplace => new computer) If I move the mouse switfly Up/Down or also Left/Right the browser change page and go back/farward in history. This happens with both browser Firefox and Chrome...
  13. ldgc

    Other Best out-of-the-box graphical web browser for i3

    Hi :) Which graphical web browser has the best out-of-the-box experience in i3? IMHO www/qutebrowser seems a good candidate ;)
  14. Dr.Topaz

    How to install tor browser in FreeBSD?

    How can I install tor browser in FreeBSD, I already installed tor.
  15. cvnmjs

    Firefox Unexpectedly Closes (Bus error)

    Hello all, At irregular intervals I have this problem of www/firefox (compiled from ports) closing unexpectedly. It happens across all four Firefox profiles. After it closes I can find a 'firefox.core' file in various directories. When I launch Firefox from the shells/fish shell and the process...
  16. aragats

    No access to Forums

    There were so many discussions regarding similar issues. I've read them, but still cannot figure out what's happened recently that I cannot access Forums from my home network using various browsers. I've rebooted my modem to get a new IP. Also checked both old and new IPs with...