Other Best out-of-the-box graphical web browser for i3

The "best" is highly subjective. What's best for me may be horrible for you. Why don't you just try a few and find out which one you prefer?
The "best" is highly subjective. What's best for me may be horrible for you. Why don't you just try a few and find out which one you prefer?

I agree with you, the "best" is indeed highly subjective :)
i3 by default is in tiling mode and popup windows in web browsers like firefox won't work well out-of-the-box in i3 :(
So suggestions of graphical web browsers that integrate well with i3 are very welcome ;)
No browser integrates that way. It's up to you to configure i3 in such a way the browser opens how you like it and where you want it. An application doesn't know or care what window manager you use.
SirDice, something that is making me confused is the following:
In firefox, if I click on the about button, the pop-up window appears as a second window in tiling mode instead of floating mode. Why does this happen?
Because that's how i3 is configured to deal with windows. It's i3 that places windows, not the application.
Is it possible to indicate i3 to open pop-up windows in floating mode?
Yes, it is in a way. Have the focus on the window you want and press Win+Shift+Space (replace Win with Alt if your $mod key is Alt, obviously). You can even resize and move the window. Looks a bit weird in i3 to be honest.
Qutebrowser is outstanding on Linux.

Unfortunately the current qutebrowser port on FreeBSD crashes constantly. I think it's because of the WebKit limitation.

I've submitted the issue but so far no solution. It's totally unusable on FreeBSD - a real shame as it's by far the best browser for i3.
Qutebrowser is outstanding on Linux.
It's totally unusable on FreeBSD - a real shame as it's by far the best browser for i3.

Hi, i-bsd, Always acknowledge the possibility that what may at first glance appear as absolutely true for you, might not be likewise for others

In my case QuteBrowser runs so pretty and fast on FreeBSD that I was thinking of asking devs why would they have actually put heavy Chromium's QtWebEngine in its code (but yes, I know the other reasons why they chose WebEngine over WebKit for).

I run QuteBrowser on Linux as well, and If I were asked to tell whether of not I actually noticed a concrete difference in Linux with QtWebEngine, well the answer would be 'no'

A live screenshot of my desktop with Qutebrowser currently playing a Youtube video ;):


Aside from chat,

a) In case it crashed on loading media content, are you sure you enabled plugins?

:set content.plugins true

Adobe Flash-Player closed-source plugin (for flashplayer) or GStreamer-plugins (for HTML5) are required to be installed:

- for flashplayer, install www/nspluginwrapper, www/linux-flashplayer, and www/flashplayer in that order

- for HTML5, install multimedia/gstreamer-plugins, and multimedia/gstreamer1-libav

I haven't tested HTML5 on Qutebrowser, as currently I have flashplayer installed, but I plan on migrating to HTML5, being flashplayer still only barely alive

b) In case it crashed on standard browsing, given Qutebrowser was only very recently added as binary package (but it's already been on ports' tree for a while):

- may it be that you build a binary-based system, but compiled qutebrowser from ports as it was unavailable as package? I believe www/py-qt5-webkit*** and the other python dependencies are a version behind in packages ;). Also, Is it possible you ran pkg autoremove in such a case, and deleted some of the dependencies, since, being qutebrowser not listed in /var/db/pkg, those dependencies were instead perceived as orphans by pkgng?

- if you are instead on a source-based system, may it be you compiled some o the dependencies with incompatible options? This is another common mistake one can unwillingly commit when building the whole userland from source the first time (I confess having run in similar issues :p)

**Looking at your bug-report, I remember having seen Qt5-Webkit segmentation faults errors being reported elsewhere as due to mismatch between WebKit versions.

Finally, keep in mind that some Facebook and Reddit pages have been reported crashing QuteBrowser with QtWebKit ;)

Off-Topic: I saw You wondered how to get a stack trace on FreeBSD for debugging purposes: like in Linux, you could use gcore(1) to create a .core image of process python3.6 /usr/local/bin/qutebrowser like:

% ps -axf | grep python3.6 | grep -
1483 - S 0:04.33 /usr/local/bin/python3.6 /usr/local/bin/qutebrowser
% gcore -s -f python3.6 1483, where '1483', is the $PID found above

And then use gdb(1) over it:
% gdb python3.6 core.1483

finally type bt to get a backtrace and navigate into it.

I suppose it should be even easier, and surely more polished, by simply using DTrace, but I haven't found the time to dig into its man page yet, but if you feel keen to: dtrace(1)...and here's the Tutorial on FreeBSD wiki

PS: The only other Web Browser I use, aside QuteBrowser is www/qupzilla-qt5. It's a feather, yet full of features...always been fond of Qupzilla