How do you view a webpage without a browser in a console?

How do you view a webpage without a browser in a console?

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What's the purpose of that question? First of all there are enough browsers working in console, like Lynx, W3M and others. Lynx also has --dump.

Second you could just use your programming language of choice with an HTML parsing library of your choice, request the page, parse it and save its context as plain text.

Either way is no rocket science, and there are enough premade scripts around for that.


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How to you fly to the next continent without using a plane?
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Used to use wget, changed to curl. But as Alain said, in practice modern web pages are no longer human-readable and don't consist of a single HTTP download.
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As the title of the poll, i.e. "without a browser".

e.g. you need few hints from a handbook/faq/howto, enough to set some options right, in order to config a intro(4)/man(4) device correctly.
If you would have read my whole post - which you did not - you would have also known that you could just use your language of choice with pre-bundled HTML parser.
But how do you display the pages using those? I'm not talking "with additional tools" like the fetch example earlier.
Emacs, more, ... but for modern complex web pages, that's impractical. For simple stuff, it works great.
Often I actually use it to download pdf files or images.
Currently, I don't (but have in the past):
[strand.312] $ grep "text/html;" ~/.mailcap
#text/html; w3m -I %{charset} -T text/html; copiousoutput;
#text/html;lynx -dump %s; nametemplate=%s.html; copiousoutput
#text/html;firefox %s; nametemplate=%s.html
#text/html;elinks -dump %s; nametemplate=%s.html; copiousoutput
#@#Sun Jan 19 14:57:59 AEDT 2020#text/html;chrome %s; nametemplate=%s.html
#@#text/html;iridium %s; nametemplate=%s.html
#@#text/html;w3m -cols 72 -I %{charset} -T text/html -s | sed -e 's:^[[:blank:]]*$::' | cat -s | less; copiousoutput
#@@text/html; lynx -dump -force_html -stdin | sed -e 's:^[[:blank:]]*$::' | less -s
#@#text/html;luakit %s >/dev/null 2>&1; nametemplate=%s.html
#@#text/html;midori %s >/dev/null 2>&1; nametemplate=%s.html
text/html;firefox %s >/dev/null 2>&1; nametemplate=%s.html
When i as a European look at U.S. pages i first need to agree on the applicable law, before i can even see the first page. This is interactive ...
Not all internet pages are as simple as freshports .
Zirias No. He asks "How do you view a webpage..." Looking at or downloading the markup using curl or telnet is not viewing a web page. I take that to mean NOT just wanting to look at the source markup.