What is you preferred internet-browser?

I am running RHEL 8.5. Firefox used to work well for me, then suddenly it would no long play youtube videos correctly. The videos are slow and jerky, and the audio does not sync with the video. So I switched to chrome, which seems to work well enough.
Firefox for government sites, banking and some webshops, because those sites work best or only work with 'known browsers'.

Known browsers? Sites are created mainly for chrome, firefox is becoming unusable.

The lot of "alternatives" are either also bloated or broken, crash, are slow, do work with those sites.

But of what it depends?

The rendering engine? Javascript interpreter?

Would be possible to make a lighter fork without great features?
And continuously update it in paralell to the known browser(s)?
… Sites are created mainly for chrome, firefox is becoming unusable. …

One does not equal the other.

I find just one obscure, non-public service with which Firefox and Librewolf do not yet, for me, on FreeBSD, behave exactly as they should.

It's an instance of a well-respected product (accreditations pictured below). Too soon for me to tell whether the issue is specific to the instance and/or the ports of Firefox and Librewolf.

When I last checked, maybe two days ago, the port of Chromium was completely unusable with this instance (and disabling service workers was not a workaround).

I'll review fairly soon with Firefox 120.0 – I have not yet booted the environment (below) in which I performed the upgrade from 119.0.1,2 to 120.0,2.

% grep -e chromium -e firefox -e librewolf /var/log/messages
Nov 17 09:04:40 mowa219-gjp4-8570p-freebsd pkg[55940]: firefox upgraded: 119.0.1,2 -> 120.0,2 
% pkg iinfo chromium librewolf
% freebsd-version -kru ; uname -aKU
FreeBSD mowa219-gjp4-8570p-freebsd 15.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 15.0-CURRENT #4 main-n266415-257b04454818-dirty: Wed Nov 15 22:30:36 GMT 2023     grahamperrin@mowa219-gjp4-8570p-freebsd:/usr/obj/usr/src/amd64.amd64/sys/GENERIC amd64 1500003 1500003
% pkg -vv | grep -e url -e enabled -e priority
    url             : "http://pkg0.fra.freebsd.org/FreeBSD:15:amd64/latest",
    enabled         : yes,
    priority        : 2,
    url             : "https://alpha.pkgbase.live/current/FreeBSD:15:amd64/latest",
    enabled         : no,
    priority        : 0,
    url             : "file:///usr/local/poudriere/data/packages/main-default",
    enabled         : yes,
    priority        : 3
So a wrap-up might be:
  1. Use whatever browser you like!
  2. Have one of the common world 'most popular' as a backup for essential sites (or just wait a week for updates and try again);
  3. Play YouTube video's following Unix Philosophy: use software that is specifically made for playing video's, like multimedia/mpv: mpv <youtube_URL>
  4. Develop a habit of neglecting bad behaving sites and be fine with it;
  5. Keep paper, pen, envelopes and stamps in a drawer as an ultimate backup.
… When I last checked, maybe two days ago, the port of Chromium was completely unusable with this instance …

Reviewed today. Chromium was usable with the site.

The previously noted problems might be attributed to having a user environment that was inferior to the kernel:

The more recent boot environment has matching versions (both 1500003).

% bectl list -c creation | tail -n 3
n266317-f5b3e686292b-c -      -          724M  2023-11-13 09:26
n266415-257b04454818-a NR     /          550G  2023-11-16 01:18
n266415-257b04454818-b -      /tmp/up    1.04G 2023-11-20 22:33
% uname -KU
1500003 1500003
In any OS I prefer Firefox and sometimes I'm "forced" to use Chromium for cast / streaming to smart TV.
In FreeBSD I only use Firefox and as cast doesn't work I didn't even install Chromium.
Today I came to know about a Firefox variant called Floorp. Has anyone run that browser on FreeBSD.
I've been using Librewolf for sometime, however I don't like the fact that it doesn't have any close or minimize button on the window.
Anyone knows how I can get those window controls back like on my other applications?
From reading this 6 page forum, I was introduced to 'Falkon' browser So on Arm64 on a Raspberry Pi 4B, when FireFox , and Otter-Browser were broken, pkg install falkon
pkg search falkon
pkg install falkon
quickly downloaded a binary package and I could play youtube videos with SOUND again. Wow this is working great here on the Raspi4B, 400 Keyboard.

So thanks for this discussion, "Which Browser are you using?" I gained a new quick trick browser to use, Falkon.