What is you preferred internet-browser?

The default pre-installed: Chrome for Android, Edge for Windows. Firefox for Linux/FreeBSD. Lynx on console when there is no X. Pragmatism.
Telemetry always off.
Honestly? Out of the feasible ones for today's web, I dislike them all.

Even Firefox which is potentially the less creepy out of the sh*tty bunch has obnoxious default settings such as:
  • Recommend extensions as you browse
  • Recommend features as you browse
  • Block dangerous and deceptive content
  • Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla
All justifications for giving you a trackable fingerprint and renting this to ad-providers. Even if you turn all this off, there is still so much traffic heading straight to Mozilla's servers.

I think the technical communities should take a stand and specifically target the simpler HTML4; normalize access by browsers written by normal people (i.e netsurf, elinks, etc) and never go back to where we are now.

Even these forums would ideally be replaced with something that simple community projects like netsurf can render.

</rant> <---- I should stop using that tag too since it isn't in the HTML4 standard!
I like to run several browsers all of which I've setup to delete cookies, history, etc with a single click/keystrokes. I don't provide a consistent fingerprint.
  • Pulls patches from Iridium and Vanadium to remove Google Tracking
  • Upstream updates frequently
  • Just ported in OpenBSD
  • OpenBSD port is integrated in Chromium build - when ever Chromium is updated, ungoogled chromium also updated
  • OpenBSD patches allow it to run along side chromium
  • Open Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Clear Browsing Data -> Advanced Tab and select every category to delete for all time. Bookmark (ctl-D) before Clearing data.
  • Go into More Tools -> Customize Toolbar and add "Forget History" to top bar
  • Key :cl =cleardata
  • To completely clear, I have an OpenBSD key map that executes a script to blank out all files
  • Slightly unstable in OpenBSD - core dumps on busy sites
The question clearly states "internet browser" (hence my answer above). Most of the internet is pretty solid. :)
Not quite sure I follow. Most people these days use internet browsers to browse the web.

The internet may be solid in parts but the browsers themselves are flakey as hell!
Truthfully, I wish I can do away with web browsers, but it's impossible these days unless you are a hermit that lives under a rock.
IMO, all of the major browsers suck (both Firefox and Chromium-based ones). They all jack up your memory by the gigs like nobody's business even if you're using them lightly. It doesn't help that so many friggin' "native" apps now even come in Electron.

All my older computers become near-unusable when I boot up any of the browsers. Kill the browser and they're all snappy and usable again.
Till now I used firefox, but now there are some websites only usable with chrome. I do not decide what browser to use.

In some cases of overloaded web sites w3m is very practical to extract text.


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In my early FreeBSD days I used Netscape Navigator, then switched to Mozilla when it first became available. Then progressed to Firefox, which I'm still using to this day.
In my early FreeBSD days I used Netscape Navigator, then switched to Mozilla when it first became available. Then progressed to Firefox, which I'm still using to this day.
I also, but before netscape I used mosaic. I think also lynx, but sure many telnet services, and of course, gopher.
We do not have many options, we have 4 classes of browsers:
  1. TUI browsers that for definition cannot display HTML(5) properly; they cannot at all display CSS or interact with JS.
  2. GUI Browsers, mostly based on WebKitGTK (Midori, Badwolf) or WebKitQT, that are unable to render properly modern HTML5
  3. Mozilla Browsers Family, the only viable alternative to the Chromium based browsers; recently is struggling on handling JS.
  4. Chromium Based Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave which are available only on Win, Mac and Linux but Chromium which is shipped without Google APIs...
I recently alternate across Firefox, Badwolf and Sea Monkey on FreeBSD and OpenBSD but hardware acceleration on both is a shit! I put my daughter playing on PBSKids on my FreeBSD and the CPU was exploding and animation and sound sluggish...

I do not really care I would bury modern HMTL for ever... 🤫
I really like Konqueror but KDE ruined it by removing profiles and making it require a Dolphin kpart for the file manager. In TDE (KDE 3 fork) its in its former glory but the web browser portion is so far behind. In either case I need uBlock Origin since I avoid Google ads like the plague.
I'm with kpedersen my opinion firefox seems to be the current "least of all evils", but I turn off a bunch of stuff.
The performance seems to go up and down with every other release but at the moment, 106.0.1 on 13.1-Release is reasonable (seems to have fixed things from 105).
Chromium for some $WORK related things.
Internet browsers can not necessarily be used to browse the web. Technically, even your e-mail client is an internet "browser" (by a quite stretched definition of "browse" though).
mail/geary essentially uses webkit to retrive/display emails which is a good reason to use something else. On the other hand I've never seen anybody browse the internet with fetchmail and mutt.