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I can't believe I'm actually writing this from www/netsurf with JavaScript disabled right now (though I'm still on Arch Linux preparing myself for a first FreeBSD installation attempt on my laptop).

I think for looking up some light stuff like documentation this is quite a reasonable solution, but of course no replacement for doing mainstream things that require a password manager, spelling correction and the usual web nonsense.



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Heh, well I am reading your post on netsurf myself. Its reads loud and clear :)

I am trying to cut down on things that overly consume browser features anyway. So netsurf is very reasonable for my uses (but one that I unfortunately can't always recommend for others with different browsing habits).
The only reason I really have to keep a backup browser is for dreaded internet banking. Those things are terrible!

If I keep entirely to those sites, it remains reasonably safe. However the banking website are so overly bloated that I simply cannot see them being secure.