1. E

    Audio/microphone security, group level restriction

    I just realized that the mixer can be adjusted by any user and any user can listen to the microphone on my system. Even a sandbox user, unless chrooted or jailed, could spy on me. Is there a way to adjust /dev/dsp permissions so access requires an audio group? Would I use /etc/devfs.conf for...
  2. M


    Is anybody interested in creating a port for this (preferably with libva support for HW accelerated video)? ungoogled-chromium @ GitHub ungoogled-chromium (for Arch Linux with the VAAPI patch) @ GitHub There is an open issue for adding FreeBSD support but that hasn't found more interest since...
  3. H

    How Facebook tracks you on Android

    This videos reminds me why I don't have a smartphone. I really like the part where the app, when opting-out, actually send more data to Facebook.
  4. rigoletto@

    The Data Transfer Project.

    Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter make it easier to download your info and upload to, er, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter etc...