1. NapoleonWils0n

    linux-widevine-cdm seems to have stopped working

    linux-widevine-cdm for drm widevine video and audio playback in chromium has stopped working for me today i rebuilt the package with poudriere and installed the latest version, the correct settings for widevine show up in chrome://flags but i just get errors trying to playback drm video on itv...
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    Anyone got Google Earth web working with Chromium

    Has anyone managed to get Google Earth web working with Chromium i use google earth for work to record flyovers with obs studio these are the flags im using to launch chromium vulkan for hardware accelerated video decoding and ozone platform for wayland chrome --enable-features=Vulkan...
  3. NapoleonWils0n

    user-dirs.dirs and Chromium uppercase Downloads directory

    Running Wayfire on Wayland i noticed Chromium wouldn't let me select a downloads directory in the settings, the file picker opens and i can select a directory but the select button in the file picker didn't work edit: the reason i couldn't select the directory with the file picker is because i...
  4. N

    No sound in browsers but works elsewhere

    I'm a non-technical person running FreeBSD 13.2-STABLE on an ASUS Vivobook laptop. Up until recently I was able to watch YouTube videos, etc... with sound in Firefox. Today it has become apparent that sound no longer works from Firefox, and I tested it in Chomium too and it doesn't work there...
  5. NapoleonWils0n

    Chromium enable drm playback by building the www/linux-widevine-cdm port with Poudriere

    Chromium has been recently patched to enable Widevine support as mentioned in the post This lets you play widevine drm encrypted audio and video, so you can watch things like Netflix, Channel4 and ITV in the UK or other video services that use widevine drm or listen to Spotify I have written a...
  6. I

    Solved Is electron having build issues again? Signal messaging app missing from latest pkgs.

    As the title asks. Is Electron having compile issues again? I've noticed for the past few weeks that Signal is no longer in the repo. If this is the case, is there an actual, portable Electron alternative that works 1:1? Like MariaDB is to MySQL (although that's just a MySQL comparable server...
  7. rockzombie2

    Error building chromium with pulseaudio support

    I'm trying to build chromium with pulseaudio support, but I'm encountering an error when building. Not sure if it's because of the pulseaudio support or if I just can't build chromium on my system. I installed all the build dependencies listed here and after building for about an hour it...
  8. kr0m

    Solved Chromium rendering problem

    Hello i have been using Chromium without problems under FreeBSD and Nvidia for years, but recently, i don`t know exactly when Chromium started to show strange rendering errors, i have tried disabling graphical acceleration in browaser settings but it behaves the same way, now i am using...
  9. rockzombie2

    Chromium cursor is white, making it invisible against white backgrounds

    Hello friends, I've recently installed FreeBSD inside of VirtualBox. I just installed the emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions port and set my graphics controller to VboxVGA. Then, when I started chrome, which I installed from ports, I noticed something strange was happening. The cursor was being...
  10. K

    Chromium on FreeBSD / creating PDF from Django template

    Hello guys, I am using django-hardcopy to create PDF from django template. Aplication was on heroku and i had to specifiy PATH_TO_CHROME. Everything was working on heroku with: PATH_TO_CHROME='/app/.apt/opt/google/chrome/chrome --headless --print-to-pdf --disable-gpu --no-sandbox' I had to...
  11. hbsd

    Solved Firefox and Chromium bugs made me crazy

    Hi, I recently updated my apps. In the last two or three days, Firefox and Chromium crashed more than 100 times! many times I see these messages: In chromium: In firefox: Sometimes the browser closes by itself. Sometimes they stop and nothing can be done with the system. About 8 / 9...
  12. Voltaire

    The latest version of Chromium is 10% faster on FreeBSD 12.3.

    In the past I always had a maximum result of +- 63.1 on Speedometer 2.0 Today I updated my system, and although it was a minor version change, I have much higher performance in the main browser benchmark: Chromium should now perform...
  13. Sivan!

    Solved Zoom video doesn't work for the past few days in Chromium and Iridium

    In Chromium 101 YouTube works fine, audio works without issues, but Zoom, for the past few days, does not display videos, though audio is fine. I installed Iriudium, zoom has the same issues. How would I troubleshoot this? I have freebsd 13.0 Release 11.0 with Kde plasma. Thank you.
  14. E

    Single package repo (...or how to stop building chromium)

    We have a poudriere server that builds all the packages we need on our servers. The port that gives us the most headaches is chromium. We use it with www/selenium to do automated web functionality tests. We've basically given up on maintaining the build, it can take hours to build, even with...
  15. Cath O'Deray

    Chromium audio

    With Teams, neither the microphone nor the speaker can be changed. Is this normal? www/chromium only in this topic, please.
  16. C

    webcamd and browsers

    I've got a webcam working via webcamd and chromium. Today, I tried "piping" video through a virtual camera in OBS and almost got there but got stuck chrome not detecting the virtual camera. Basically, I get a /dev/video5 device, vlc successfully connects and displays the stream. I figured, this...
  17. Cath O'Deray

    Solved (258573, 258679) Chromium unable to add extensions or download files

    Something like the opposite on FreeBSD. The second of these two bug reports: 258573 – www/chromium Could not install package: 'FAILED_TO_COPY_EXTENSION_FILE_TO_TEMP_DIRECTORY' 258679 – www/chromium: Unable to download files with chromium-92.0.4515.159_2
  18. rockzombie2

    Building obs-studio with CEF support

    I've been trying to build multimedia/obs-studio with CEF support but I keep getting an error saying that it can't find the library. I've tried running it with doas make CEF_ROOT_DIR="/usr/home/chris/src/cef_binary_94.4.10+g38a7995+chromium-94.0.4606.81_linux32/Release" install but this is the...
  19. rockzombie2

    Running into build errors when trying to build chromium with pulseaudio support

    Hello! So I've gotten part way through building chromium via doas make MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE=yes install clean. Now I'm encountering this error and I'm not sure what is the root cause of it. Any suggestions on how to debug? Traceback (most recent call last): File...
  20. christhegeek

    Solved I have a problem opening links (generated pdf documents) from our government websites i can open them on chromium but not in firefox

    I have a problem opening links (generated pdf documents) from our government websites i can open them on chromium but not in firefox I got only the html code for a web page that says that my session has ended . The same problem i have in other government sites too.