1. F

    Solved [INFO] How to remove many gnome apps

    It becomes preinstalled with Gnome3 and possibly many others. So there is the command: pkg remove epiphany and then removing games maybe: pkg remove atomix pkg remove gnome-2048 pkg remove gnome-nibbles pkg remove gnome-chess pkg remove five-or-more pkg remove lightsoff pkg remove gnome-mahjongg...
  2. F

    [INFO] How to avoid from (su: Sorry) error or "message"

    THERE IS THE COMMAND: sudo pw group mod wheel -m !username_here!
  3. RedPhoenix

    So I Found This Website Where It Says That FreeBSD Is Based On The Linux Kernel... fsck? :( And in particular, here is the part of the Page where I got confused. The pic is attached below. Why, God, why...? :'‑( The whole page is not entirely inaccurate, but spreading wrong information is bad for those looking for a solid understanding of such...