Solved I want to host bhyve- and VirtualBox-VMs on same machine. Is that feasible?

I have two old (hardware) production servers, one which runs bhyve VMs and another which runs virtualbox VMs, which are to be replaced -- ideally by a workhorse.

Can a single FreeBSD server be made to stably host both bhyve and virtualbox VMs?
(It occurs to me that it might be a problem because I had bad experience running VirtualBox together with VMware Workstation on a Linux host a few years back.)

Given that this is feasible, do you think of any pitfalls I should be aware of, in terms of: hardware-setup, software-configuration and maintenance.

I understand that I could just give it a shot. However, I am concerned that even if it would work as of now, it might not be stable in the long term.