1. GoNeFast_01

    bhyve Running Jails inside Bhyve

    There is some writing about running Bhyve within a Jail (testing the opposite). Can you run jails within a Bhyve freebsd instances? I assume yes so, so I spend a few hours messing with a Bhyve FreeBSD I have for testing purposes... Installed a few jails in it and while I can make them...
  2. BobSlacker

    jails Wifi socks Hurd!

    So, I know that network doesn't work with bhyve and wifi, I'm using a lagg (wlan0 + em0) setup. But does anyone here was able to make jails+vnet work with wifi(in a lagg setup)?
  3. C

    bhyve Bhyve VM in localnetwork

    Hello, I have a question. I would like to run a virtual machine in bhyve HomeAssistant OS. However, I would like this virtual machine to be on the same subnet as the LAN network (hq0). I used the following solution, but something is not working. The DHCP server is dnsmasq (the DHCP interface is...
  4. N

    bhyve OpenVMS and bhyve

    As you might know, OpenVMS x86 for hobbyist [1] is out since a ~week. Bhyve is not a supported Virtualisation-platform but we have in theory everything need, like AHCI, UEFI , COM-Ports and the E1000-nic. So of curse I tried it but with no success, it hangs at the VMS-UEFI-Bootmanager. Had...
  5. T

    bhyve Bhyve and non US-Keyboards

    Hello everyone, I know this topic has been discussed several times before, but the problem is still remaining. The Client computer, accessing a VM via VNC still needs to be in QWERTY in order to access another keyboard in the VM. This problem has been fixed on illumos with -K option. I know...
  6. draga79

    bhyve Article about moving from Proxmox to FreeBSD

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share an article that I recently wrote about migrating from Proxmox to FreeBSD's bhyve hypervisor. The article covers the process of migrating virtual machines, storage, and networking from Proxmox to bhyve, and includes tips and tricks that I learned along the way...
  7. BobSlacker

    general/other virt-host-validate don't recognize if_tap module

    I want to tryout virt-manager with bhyve. But it doesn't recognize the if_tap module. {beastie} @ FreeBaSeD-T430 > /home/beastie → kldstat -v | grep if 398 if_lo 402 if_vlan 401 if_tap 400 if_tun 399 if_tuntap 397 if_gif 99...
  8. S

    bhyve Help with bhyve networking

    Hi friends, I decided to use FreeBSD as a daily and it has been great so far (figured out lots on my own with some help from this great community of course!). But I have something that has me tearing out my hair - I have VM's on bhyve and they run beautifully but for one thing: networking. I...
  9. Clockwork

    Solved Mouse not working in CBSD

    What needs to be written in bhyve.conf for CBSD so that the mouse can move in a virtual machine with a FreeBSD guest? I commented out xhci, tablet, but that didn't help. The mouse responds to click but doesn't move.
  10. hamzakc

    Backup bhyve VM's to ext4 NAS

    Hello. I have freeBSD (13.1) installed on my small home server and am using it as a Virtual Machine Manager. I am using the excellent bhyve hypervisor to manage the VM's. The server is running on the amazing zfs filesystem. I recently bought a NAS and want to backup all the bhyve-vms and...
  11. zeekno

    bhyve PCI device is not using the ppt driver when it ought to

    I added a GPU according to This shows up as expected, but bhyve complains that "PCI device at 5/0/0 is not using the ppt(4) driver". /boot/loader.conf: kern.geom.label.disk_ident.enable="0" kern.geom.label.gptid.enable="0" cryptodev_load="YES"...
  12. aragats

    ZFS How to use "gpart" on devices created on ZFS with "volmode=dev"?

    Most likely I'm missing something obvious, I thought this should be straight forward: # zfs create -V256G -o volmode=dev zroot/ubuntu # gpart create -s gpt /dev/zvol/zroot/ubuntu # gpart: arg0 'zvol/zroot/ubuntu': Invalid argument Then I used sysutils/gdisk, successfully created the...
  13. T

    bhyve VM-Bhyve ZFS properties

    Hi everyone, I'm running VM-Bhyve with some Windows VMs. Setup is like this article: Will there be a big improvement on performance if the zfs properties atime=off and sync=disabled are set? The article leaves the properties at...
  14. 174bpm

    bhyve Bhyve vm folders empty on reboot, but `init 1` fixes it

    Hey all, Somewhat new to freeBSD here. Apologies in advance if this question is already answered somewhere (I have looked) or if this isn't the right venue. If that is the case, kindly let me know! Anyhow, so I have a FreeBSD 13.1 server hosting a bunch of jails and some Bhyve VMs. I created...
  15. nbari

    bhyve Bhyve how to create a raw image from an existing VM

    I am using (vm -- utility to manage bhyve virtual machines) to create VMs on ZFS, here is the output of vm info containing the virtual-disk info: But how could I make a raw image? I am currently installing ubuntu 22.04 and would like to create a custom image from the VM to be used in...
  16. Sivan!

    Solved Network bridge set up for bhyve debian & ubuntu vm instances

    In freebsd 13.1 release p1, I have installed bhyve following instructions from this page. a minimal version of debian, the installation went well except that the bridge specified did not work. I could finish installation, reboot the vm, and also could set up a script as outlined in Step 8 of...
  17. icodeforyou

    general/other Best solution for using docker with docker compose on FreeBSD

    So far my little experiment of using FreeBSD for development work has been very interesting and successful in many aspects. However I might be facing a major obstacle: I am developing a TypeScript application that depends on several services (redis, postgres, potentially RabbitMQ in conjunction...
  18. R

    Solved IPFW stops bhyve guest from getting IP address from DHCP server

    I'm trying to setup some bhyve guests for the first time on my 13.0-RELEASE system but the guests were unable to obtain IP addresses from the DHCP server on my router unless I disabled ipfw. It appears that ipfw was blocking the responses from the DHCP server. Google searches didn't come up...
  19. icodeforyou

    bhyve Alpine / Debian Linux setup via vm-bhyve not getting DHCP lease

    Hey everyone! I am trying to set up a Linux VM using bhyve for the purpose of running docker on my FreeBSD laptop (which is essential to have due to my development workflow). However when setting up a Linux VM using either Debian or Alpine images, I am unable to get the network working properly...
  20. C

    bhyve bhyve I/O performance

    I'm running bhyve vms that show very bad I/O performance and I'm wondering what factors may be causing this? A couple details: I'm testing with a simple dd if=/dev/random of=test bs=1M status=progress and yes, that's not very scientific. Since I'm seeing many factors worse I/O perf than...