1. C

    FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p4 + bhyve + Windows 10

    Hello. I have problem with local network/internet. I have local network on hq0 ( on this interface is dnsmasq # ifconfig hq0 hq0: flags=8943<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,PROMISC,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500...
  2. D

    bhyve ivhd errors after upgrade host to 13.1

    As the title says - after upgrading the host from 13.0 to 13.1, it throws an insane amount (~100/sec) of ivhd messages on the host as soon as I start any bhyve vm with passthru network interface (most of them are FreeBSD 13.1). The NICs are intel i350 (4-port), Intel 82580 (4-port), Broadcom...
  3. B

    bhyve sr-iov: ixv0 connection after loading vm with a passthrough device

    I am trying to use SR-IOV on my machine with an IX card, but each time i start the vm on the passthrough devices the connections wihci is started on the virtuall function dedicated for the host, the connection hangs and it is not possible to setup the connection back until I reboot. Do anyone...
  4. hunter0one

    bhyve Windows 10 as a guest through bhyve

    Hello, I am new to bhyve but I decided to go ahead and try it out. I need a Windows 10 vm for schoolwork and want to make use of bhyve. I've been following this guide completely, though instead of /vm I put the directory in /usr/vm and my vm is named win10. Everything has worked up until the...
  5. hunter0one

    bhyve Getting virt-manager to use bhyve

    I'd like to use Bhyve from virt-manager since its supposed to support Bhyve, but when I open it I'm greeted with the following: Could not detect a default hypervisor. Make sure the appropriate QEMU/KVM virtualization packages are installed to manage virtualization on this host. I can also try...
  6. D

    Vlan configuration for Bhyve

    Hi there, currently I have a FreeBSD 12.3 Server for a school project. The goal of this project is to create a website from which you can create virtual machines. This works atm. The other goal of the project is to create bhyve switches with vlan id's so that the machines with the same vlan id...
  7. martinrame

    bhyve Android emulator in a virtual machine

    I'm trying to use Flutter in my FreeBSD 13 workstation, after finding it cannot run on it (even using linuxulator) I created an Ubuntu 20.04 VM on Bhyve, and installed everything. When I tried to run the emulator it said "Your CPU does not support required features (VT-x or SVM).". The...
  8. k.jacker

    bhyve dual port NIC - bhyve passthru only one port to vm

    Hei, I've been recently playing around with bhyve passthru and wonder if I could passthru a single port of a dual port NIC to a vm. From a logical point of view I guess that should work, since both ports should get their specific pci bus/port assigned. Otherwise, I'm unsure if such dual port...
  9. T

    bhyve How to use BHYVE_UEFI_VARS.fd?

    Hi, Could someone please help explain or point to any notes regarding how to use BHYVE_UEFI_VARS.fd? I've been searching around but couldn't find any yet. TIA,
  10. B

    quBSD - A New Jails and bhyve Wrapper That Emulates Qubes

    It's been quite a few months in the making, but I believe I have something good enough to share with the community. It's written in shell, based on zfs, and uses the underlying FreeBSD tools. Here's a summary of features: All workloads are run inside of jails GUI jails! Comes with a...
  11. T

    PF Allow all traffic to bhyve guests through PF

    Hey, I have a host running different services, and among them also use bhyve to run some virtual machines. There is a default block rule that prevents traffic to flow, i thought that the following would override that for my guests but that is not the case. I assume i am missing or overlooking...
  12. amilis

    Solved Q about Bhyve - 3.6GB/s disk speed and CPU cores

    I use ESXI hosts for years and years, but in the last half year I thinking of moving from ESXI. Proxmox is no go dude to the network setups, drops etc., and I really don’t like Proxmox in general. XPC-NG, it’s ok… then we come to Bhyve and I really want to love Bhyve as it’s on FreeBSD and I...
  13. T

    Solved Command doesn't understand -k option

    Hi, I'm trying to use bhyve -k but it says options k is not valid. From manual page, -k is listed: I'm on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p4. Is there anything I missed? Thanks
  14. A

    bhyve Guests never boot to install

    I followed this: ------ rc.conf vm_enable="YES" vm_dir="zfs:scrap/vm" ----- Installed: grub-bhyve, vm-bhyve, qemu-utils, bhyve-firmware ---- DATASTORE FILENAME default alpine-standard-3.15.0-x86_64.iso default...
  15. LordInateur

    Network Issues w/ LAGG + VMs

    Hello, all! I have an interesting setup that I'm hoping to get a little bit of help with. Before I start: please yell at me if some of my formatting is wonky-- I'm used to markdown, but not so much the styling that the FreeBSD Forums asks for, so if I've done something that needs to be...
  16. L

    bhyve I got error "BdsDxe: failed to load Boot0001..." when I boot kali linux VM via uefi-firmware

    First I install kali linux use bhyve and ZFS via uefi-firmware it worked well. I use the script as following to start kali linux. #!/bin/sh bhyve -c 1 -m 2G -w -H \ -s 0,hostbridge \ -s 2,ahci-hd,/dev/zvol/zroot/linuxdisk0 \ -s 3,virtio-net,tap1 \ -s 29,fbuf,tcp=,w=1280,h=720,wait \...
  17. JMOR

    bhyve Not able to passthrough a USB 3.0 Host Controller

    My guest VMs (either Windows or Linux) don't see the PCI USB host controller I am passing through bhyve. In my system (motherboard: MSI MEG X570 Unify, processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X), I have this USB controller I want to passthrough to the VMs: # pciconf -lvc pci0:49:0:3 ppt0@pci0:49:0:3...
  18. I

    bhyve Using bhyve and VirtualBox together - does it work?

    Can a FreeBSD host run both bhyve vms and VirtualBox vms at the same time? ... would really appreciate a reply from someone before I spent time trying to find out. Thanks! :-)
  19. I

    bhyve bhyve and Debian

    I'm trying to install Debian on bhyve. I got stuck with "No common CD-ROM drive was detected" error. Obviously, the installation CD is provided to bhyve via "-s 3,ahci-hd,<debian.iso>" and it managed to boot up. I cannot proceed with the installation as it says "The failing step is: Detect and...
  20. ziomario

    bhyve How to boot Debian in EFI mode using bhyve...

    Hello to everyone. I hope to make happy someone,explaining how to boot Debian using the EFI bootloader and Bhyve. There is an extra configuration to do,otherwise it will not boot at all. First of all,I'm using vm-bhyve and this conf. file : loader="uefi" cpu=8 memory=8GB...