FreeBSD Screen Shots



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I believe I have posted a much earlier version in the past but the following screenshots are of "Pavelock". Our remote UNIX access system for students based on FreeBSD and Jails.


All a student needs to access it is a VNC client or a web browser (via noVNC). What is really nice is that we can provide "precanned" Jails to the students with all the software necessary for our units. That means we can also fix software ourselves rather than logging a ticket with IT services and never getting any work done.

We have various amounts of OpenGL support. Not quite enough for Unreal Engine 4. However Blender works great, as does Quake III.

The desktop environment itself is a fairly custom blend of Gtk+ utilities, ranging from lxde to xfce but with lots of patches to fix all the broken crap (and to make it look consistent).