FreeBSD Screen Shots


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That explains it - I was still on Linux back then! haha, that's my pit-lab, he's not a puppy any more, in fact he's 12 this year so pretty much an old man.


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FreeBSD is definitely the only OS I've ever used that calmed my blood pressure rather than raise it. LOL
Have you seen how much KDE is slow, and full of popup, and limitations to freedoom.
Pulseaudio locks the sound forever, man, it reminds me the Web or an Android phone, popup, ads, click to confirm, like winrar on windows, millions popups, and so slow.

The heck is that 50% at least of desktop sofwares are shared and available for BSD and Linux.
BSD should not have anything crap that comes from/runs on Linux, to avoid risks of having a similar system.


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I had to laugh at that tedbell: I have to use Windows 10 at work and I am constantly cussing and fighting with its idiosyncrasies., plus those of the office suite I am also forced to use. I am always at peace when off work and logged into my FreeBSD machine :)
Bring a PI at your work, place it on your desktop, use it on your PC ;)

Use FreeBSD live in anycase of survival !!!



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