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FVWM Vertex theme


1. Install GTK Vertex theme:
# pkg install automake autoconf pkgconf gtk-murrine-engine
% git clone --depth 1 && cd vertex-theme
% ./ --prefix=/usr/local
# make install

2. Install x11-themes/lxappearance and choose Vertex theme.

3. Download attached zip archive ( and extract .fvwm/ dir to your home dir (~/.fvwm).

4. Install and start FVWM: pkg install fvwm, % startx /usr/local/bin/fvwm2.
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5. Enjoy!

Button pixmaps were tacken from original Vertex gtk theme.

Nice one ILUXA , check my shutdown script if you like it


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ZFS is definitely more robust and flexible, but probably not as performant as, say, ext4.


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Would anyone know what is used in this screenshot? I should like to replicate it.
I should note that this is not my screenshot.


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IceWM Firefox 55


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Yeah I've been there but he doesn't post his own config that I can see..

Look toward the bottom of the page. He outlines several aspects of a ~/.twmrc file, along with the themes he lists.

There are other setting within your .twmrc you might want to change.
I tend to group together and comment settings so thats it easier to identify
what does what when you come back weeks later to change something.
Other items effecting the 'Look and Feel' are as follows :-

# Settings effecting window borders etc ------------------------------------------

BorderWidth 1             # Number of pixels for border around entire window
FramePadding 1             # Number of pixels between titlebar buttons & frame
TitleButtonBorderWidth 0     # Number of pixels for button border
TitlePadding 2             # Number of pixels around title buttons
ButtonIndent 0             # Larger seems to squash buttons together
MenuBorderWidth 1         # Number of pixels for menu border
NoMenuShadows             # No shadow behind the menu

# Title bar buttons

IconDirectory "/home/admin/.twm/icons" # Directory for non default icons
LeftTitleButton "resize.xbm"=f.resize
RightTitleButton "minimize.xbm"=f.iconify
RightTitleButton "maximize.xbm"=f.fullzoom
RightTitleButton "close.xbm"=f.delete

Here's the man TWM page:

I try to spend as little time as possible in TWM so I've never made my own.

If you use startx as root from the login terminal it should generate one that you could edit.



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Screenshots are for my Debian version. Prior to those edits I had been running near identical desktops on both that and my FreeBSD desktop. Off now to reflect those changes into the FreeBSD desktop.

I was under the impression that the FreeBSD screenshot thread had always been for posting screenshots of FreeBSD only.



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I see a familiar face in the upper left corner background of that top screenshot. ;)

That's what I like in a screenshot, too. For it to show different programs and what it looks like when you actually use it.


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I was under the impression that the FreeBSD screenshot thread had always been for posting screenshots of FreeBSD only.
I've mirrored it now also onto my FreeBSD desktop. Just a single visual difference that distinguishes the two. The key point of the post being the manner/method to get a borderless/title free desktop terminal session (Eterm and jwm commands/parameters).

If you want to be pedantic then your own last posting is more of a IBM desktop, and any screenshot of base FreeBSD would be a cli.