Best practise for handling ports tree with iocage managed basejails


What's the best practise to handle the prots tree with iocage managed basejails?

Currently I am manually nullfs mounting the host systems /usr/ports everytime I need it in each jail, but as the number of jails are growing this feels more and more cumbersome.

Please advice!

Thanks in advance!
You could NFS mount them or add it to each jail's /etc/fstab.<jail> so it's automatically mounted when you start a jail.
Dear SirDice,
this sounds interesting. Currently I have lines as
/usr/local/poudriere/ports/local /usr/jails/playground/usr/ports nullfs rw late 0 0
in my /etc/fstab. How should it appear in playgrounds jail?
Exactly the same. You can mount them read-only if you want. You just have to make sure WRKDIRPREFIX is set to somewhere the jail can write.