1. Andreas Strauch

    How to get to base.txz for my BeagleBone?

    I have tried to google and forum-search all of last weekend to solve the following problem: Where do I get base.txz and kernel.txz for my BeagleBone Black? Specifically, I want to setup some jails on my BBB, but for that I need the DISTRIBUTION files... root@beaglebone:~ # ezjail-admin install...
  2. twllnbrck

    iocage: funcionality and use of basejails

    Hey folks, I'm in the process of setting up some jails for my desktop (e.g. browsers, mail-clients,...). Since I'm not so familiar with jails I started with the basics and created some test jails with bsdinstall jail on zfs. So far so good. Since I'm rather lazy I was looking at jail...
  3. N

    Best practise for handling ports tree with iocage managed basejails

    Hi, What's the best practise to handle the prots tree with iocage managed basejails? Currently I am manually nullfs mounting the host systems /usr/ports everytime I need it in each jail, but as the number of jails are growing this feels more and more cumbersome. Please advice! Thanks in...