1. I

    Best method to install packages offline

    I have another machine which is offline. What is the best method to install packages offline? I mean, due to the dependencies, it is almost impossible to download all the dependent packages to install them. Is there a way to use the pkg command to download (from a connected FreeBSD machine)...
  2. R

    Plan 9 from User Space

    Hi there, I successfully installed plan9 through bsd ports but I have no idea how to open it on my system. I would appreciate some guidance in this regard. Thank you.
  3. J

    How to install texlive packages?

    I have an installation of print/texlive-full. However, that is missing the siunitx package I would like to use. What is the best way to add this package?
  4. K

    Solved System crashes when modifying net/wireshark

    So, I was trying to install net/wireshark when there was a power outage. I tried to resume the installation with make clean distclean install it said it was already installed so did make reinstall this is when it crashed. Upon boot up I checked /var/crash/core.txt.0 & this line caught my eye...
  5. C

    Multiple Versions of Ports?

    My current issue revolves around apache24 and gitea and a few other ports requiring postgresql12-client as a connector, which blocks the installation of postgresql14-client needed by postgresql14-server to play around with some of the newer features in my home lab, and I'd be curious about a...
  6. spag

    Solved poudriere ports and git

    poudriere ports -c and port updates were working flawless for many years until git happened. I assume many migration parts are still in progress. Unfortunately cannot make it work: #poudriere ports -c -m git -U https://git.freebsd.org/ports.git [00:00:00] Creating default fs at...
  7. neostanniy

    Solved Using gcc as a default compiler (FreeBSD 13.0) [SOLVED]

    Greetings everyone and sorry for bothering the community, but I got terribly messed up and I think I need your help very much. I have just installed FreeBSD for the first time willing to make it my default OS for music production and other working purposes, but unfortunately got confused with...
  8. V

    py38-setuptools conflict with py37-setuptools

    I have built xorg from ports and it required python3.7 and in the process installed py37-setuptools (which isn't even a specific official port, there is only py-setuptools). Now whenever I try to build something that requires python3.8 and py38-setuptools (default build from py-setuptools port)...
  9. T

    dependencies and OPTIONS

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to improve the manageability, IMO, of ports. However, I'm in need of advises to overcome some challenges I'm encountering. This tool gives a very nice tree view. Since you could have different (poudriere) 'sets' and make.conf file(s), this manual usage becomes...
  10. G

    pkg(8) Packages Archive

    Hello, I made FreeBSD packages Archive, some of those packages are officialy deleted (for example openjfx8-devel), Like VirtualBox-OSE 5.2.44_3, OpenJFX8-Devel, python27, chromium, minecraft-client and other old/deleted packages. If you want to install those packages, link is here...
  11. ShelLuser

    [Guide] Using Git to manage ports, source and documentation.

    Hi gang! Disclaimer: I am honestly a little excited about recent developments so expect to find some (small) opinionated parts in this guide. Nothing excessive mind you, but I can sometimes get a little carried away and despite some believes I never really plan guides like this. Editorial In...
  12. D

    Solved DRM Module Kernel Panic with pkg

    Hello, I have been trying to get OpenCL working and found out I needed graphics/drm-fbsd12.0-kmod in order to get OpenCL recognize my GPU. The problem is, that module only works if it's built from ports and crashes when it's installed from pkg. The other issue is for number of reasons I can't...
  13. Snurg

    Ports manpage: Need for clarification of make target function and behavior

    Reading the ports manpage, I am having difficulties to find out how I can do an unattended scripted install. For example, when I do make extract, I get a build options dialog, and after exiting the dialog, the port was apparently built. What I expected, however, was make just extracting the...
  14. J


    Hello everyone, With the upcoming transition from Subversion to Git, I've been plugging away at building "gitup", a replacement for net/svnup and I'm happy to report that I've got a working "git clone" prototype. Looking back at when I was writing net/svnup, one of the things I wished I had...
  15. T

    How can I streamline building ports, avoid prompts, but whilst still retaining control over options?

    As an example, I am building vlc with x264 and x265 support. I need to answer questions for all of its dependencies which is quite cumbersome. I have tried using portmaster and that appears to help with the configuration, but I'd still like to be able to do it in a non-interactive way. This...
  16. Sergei_Shablovsky

    HAproxy 2.2.0 - anyone have any issues with ?

    Hi FreeBSD pro! Recently updated, anyone have any issues with? I mean in both cases: totally fresh install and upgrade from previous 2.0/2.1. July 7th, 2020 : HAProxy 2.2.0 is ready
  17. E

    Solved Is MAKE_JOBS_NUMBER useful?

    I'm looking to use all cores when compiling ports. I notice some ports build with 8 jobs, which is ideal since I have 8 cores. Some seem to build only with one (gcc9). This is with default settings, not trying to override anything (yet). Does MAKE_JOBS_NUMBER default to the number of codes? Or...
  18. Dogers

    Ports - i386-wine does not seems to really build

    Greetings to everyone. I am running FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p8 on AMD64 Arch and UFS2 filesystem. And I wanted to use wine, but it seemed slower than before, maybe ten minutes to make a window appears as if something was wrong. So I uninstalled wine and tried to build it from...
  19. decuser

    Ports or packages without flames

    I know this has probably been asked and answered a million times and it's in the handbook, too, but It's 2020, and I've been running FreeBSD on and off for a decade or so. I've run it at home as a server for most of that time and so I have the ability to configure stuff and keep it running. Now...
  20. E

    Solved Issues with py37 packages from the 2020Q3 ports tree on 12.1

    Recently updated to 2020Q3. I seem to be having issues with Python ports as I upgrade. # portmaster -D -G -g --no-confirm comms/py-pyserial (Snip) ===> Creating unique files: Move MAN files needing SUFFIX ===> Creating unique files: Move files needing SUFFIX Move: bin/miniterm.py -->...