1. D

    X.org port won't install

    This is my first bout with FreeBSD, having decided to give a non-Linux *nix a whirl (I've installed a dual-boot setup on a laptop, but I'm trying to learn the ropes first on a VM; I've downloaded the .vhd file.) I decided to try to install everything via ports (since I've read that pkg and...
  2. Samantha1996

    [Question]Making your very own "ports" system

    Greetings. I was a BSD user a long time ago, and I just came back to the squad this week. I knew BSD variants are easy to hack and this is what make them awesome! But I have a problem in the process of hacking. I just changed the system name variable in `newvers.sh` file and it's not FreeBSD...
  3. W

    Port for logitechmediaserver on FreeBSD 11.2 may be bad

    I am trying to install logitechmediacenter in a FreeNAS 11.2 jail. All the components (python, Curl etc.) seem to install fine. When it gets to the end of the installation I get the following errors: ===> Checking if logitechmediaserver is already installed ===> Registering installation for...
  4. cederom

    12.0-RELEASE -> 13.0-CURRENT breaks make config

    Hello world :-) I have switched from 12.0-RELEASE to 13.0-CURRENT. Replaced kernel and base. Now I want to recompile all ports with poudriere.. 1. Make config on all ports shows some core dump thus defaulting all my configs. How can I fix that? How can I switch debug / verbose on 'make config'...
  5. z3R0

    FreeBSD 12 zsh config not generated on install

    Hi, I installed zsh on FreeBSD 12 but it doesn’t run the usual script that generates that default config files (.zshrc .zshenv .zprofile etc...) This is a clean install (no previous config files) I’ve tried installing from ports with make as well as using pkg. How can I generate the config...
  6. F

    managing port in user account

    Hi Are you doing all your ports's related stuffs in root or in your user account ? I think I should be able to do everything in user account, except when running make install which obviously require root account. But when I try to make a package I got error like => /usr/ports/distfiles/ is...
  7. I

    A possible solution to fix Open vSwitch

    I think I might have solved the Open vSwitch issue that some people have been having (including myself). So, since Open vSwitch was broken for me anyway I decided to do a little "hacking" of the files in the ports tree for OVS. I noticed that the Makefile configures OVS to be built with shared...
  8. Y

    mlterm package compile options

    Hi, I have recently installed mlterm on my system since it's the best (if not the only) terminal emulator with decent Arabic/RTL support (tried urxvt, but it doesn't play well with Arabic). I use mlterm because my main IRC client is irssi and mlterm works nicely with that in terms of Arabic...
  9. Nyakov

    Create something like PBI with current ports/pkg system?

    After encountered a bunch of not working pkg-s and other constant problems with them I became curios about how unrightfully forgotten BPI works? Can someone summarize the mechanics? What can be made to create something like BPI with current ports\pkg system?
  10. akkornel

    Solved Python-based CLI command, how to avoid conflicts in /usr/local/bin?

    Hello! I would like some advice on how to port a command-line program that is written in Python. I have a program that runs on the command-line, and is written entirely in Python. It can be built against Python 2.7 or 3.4+ with no problems. It is distributed via PyPi, so I have started...
  11. goshanecr

    Is is correct to have many devel/llvm versions installed?

    Hi friends! When installs from scratch new system with llvm 6.0.1 in base, many ports installs other (older) versions of llvm. Is it needed or it is a rudiments in that ports?
  12. mustafa987

    Solved download port source file first

    When installing ( let's say Chrome) from ports collection on FreeBSD, how can I make it download Chrome and all of it's dependencies first then after that compiling them when going offline Note: I don't want to download the source of all the port tree collection, I want it to download only...
  13. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved Building Blender port with video editor enabled

    Hi All Although Blender is mainly used as a 3D creation suite it also has probably the best video editor available on linux or unix, and the closest thing i have found to final cut pro Unfortunately the video editor isnt enabled in the blender pkg, im not sure if its a licensing issue that...
  14. L

    Port install problem

    I am trying to install rsync from the ports collection. /usr/ports/net/rsync # make install clean I get an error: "Ports Collection support for your FreeBSD version has ended, and no ports are guaranteed to build on this system. Please upgrade to a supported release." I check the version...
  15. GregTheHun

    Solved Newer packages not able to be installed

    Hello all, Just looking through and trying to install a newer package I saw in the ports section of the site and I noticed this: What it appears to be is after doing this: pkg clean -a pkg update -f I cannot seem to install the newest version of elasticsearch and it does not want to update...
  16. M

    Can't find smb4.conf

    I've installed FreeBSD 11.2, and i've installed samba too, I use pkg install samba command. When the setup is completed, it says 'your configuration is on /usr/local/etc/smb4.conf'. But when I go to /usr/local/etc directory, I can't find smb4.conf file. I go to /etc and i t same the file is...
  17. S

    Deterministic Software Install/Maintenance Method

    All, Over the past few years have spent a significant amount of time (seemingly endless) on port/package maintenance tasks. It seems that we should be able to: 100%: Use pkg for any/all installs and maintenance tasks (if no custom config options are required) -or- 100%: Use ports for any/all...
  18. T

    (Where) Are the topics mentioned in the pkg-message of firefox being worked on?

    Hello, when installing firefox from packages or ports you will be presented with this as part of the pkg-message. Sadly it doesn't mention something like bug numbers or anything like that so I think it's hard to act upon this if one wanted to get the hands dirty. It's also not clear where...
  19. daBee

    Updating Passenger

    Hi folks. I'd like to update Passenger, but it's tripping over another port that apparently isn't needed anymore. The port is rubygem-passenger upon nginx, installed separately. But then this happens: ===> Installing for automake-1.16.1 ===> Checking if automake already installed ===>...
  20. asv0

    Default Heimdal Kerberos client overlaps with the one from the ports

    Hi all, I've tried to use the built-in kerberos system in FreeBSD 11.2 which is not the latest release of Heimdal. Not that I was actually looking for the latest but I've realised that the action of exporting a specific keytab to a different path (to move it afterwards to the target server)...