1. P

    truss output differs from running program without truss

    Gents, Thanks for helping me with this. I'm in the process of trying to get Prosody (http://prosody.im/) running on a FreeBSD 9.1 machine I have running. The project is written in Lua. I'm using an external module for authenticating my users called mod_auth_external...
  2. pacija

    xmpp client with working video and audio

    I have set up openfire xmpp server, and my windows clients are already (audio|video|text) chatting using jitsi. Sadly, it appears that after days of trouble with choosing, installing and configuring the server, I am the only one who can not communicate with other xmpp users, as so far I have not...
  3. Ruler2112

    ejabberd - How to Broadcast

    I have ejabberd set up on an internal server. Everybody in the building has an account and is running either GAIM or Pidgin on their machine to ease communication. On my old (RedHat 9, which was current at the time and should give you an idea of *how* old it was ;) ) server, I had it set up...
  4. tuaris

    Set up a Reverse Proxy for Jabber (XMPP)

    I have a FreeBSD server as an OpenVPN client to a remote private network using the security/openvpn port. I have also installed net/dante a SOCKS proxy server. Both of these components are working properly. For example, I can load up the Pidgin IM client on my desktop machine and have it...
  5. time4e

    ejabberd startup problem

    I have install port net-im/ejabberd and configured it accordingly. The messaging works great between users. I have added ejabberd_enable="YES" to my /etc/rc.conf. When the system is restarted I have to manually run service ejabberd start and /usr/local/sbin/ejabberdctl start in order to start...
  6. rtwingfield

    Pidgin-Jabber with SSL Configuration Problem

    I have upgraded the Pidgin client to v2.10.0 (same problems as with prior version v2.7+): Jabber is v2.2.14 installed from the Ports. Note that Pidgin v2.7 was working as configured with Jabber v2.2.11. Pidgin configured as using old style SSL and port 5223 results with the log...
  7. rtwingfield

    Jabberd v2+ XML parse error (not well-formed (invalid token))

    Following an upgrade from Jabberd v2.2.11 to v2.2.14, the client to server component is complaining and indicating an invalid token when attempting to connect with Pidgin; otherwise, all Jabberd components (router, sm, s2s and c2s) load and seem happy. Pidgin as configured worked well prior to...
  8. rtwingfield

    How to Generate a Self-signed Certificate for Jabberd v2+

    There are two essential commands to execute, openssl (twice) and cat. (The other operations in the following list are more or less optional, but advisable for security considerations.) # cd /usr/local/etc/jabberd/.ssh . . .or your path of choice # openssl req -new -x509 -newkey rsa:1024...
  9. rtwingfield

    Jabberd v2.2.14: error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line

    This post is the result of what I consider to be an ambiguous error message and an example of a scenario where programmers could do much better. The error message from the PEM_read_bio (whatever that is . . .a function?) complained that there was "no start line" associated with the...
  10. J

    Segmentation fault:11 in finch, mcabber, and cjc for jabber.

    In finch I would connect, but as soon as a jabber message displayed, it would segmentation fault. In mcabber and cjc both clients would launch, however upon connecting the program would exit with a segmentation fault. I am using 8.1-STABLE, and have just recently rebuilt the entire ports tree...
  11. rtwingfield

    Pidgin Interface with Jabber

    Feeling reasonably sure that the jabberd router and it's clients are properly configured, I'm trying to configure the Pidgin client to coorporate with the jabberd's c2s.xml client. Tags within the jabberd's c2s client's c2s.xml (configuration file) are internally documented as follows: <!--...
  12. rtwingfield

    Jabberd 2.2.11 Installation and Fatal Make Problems

    Regarding problems I've described at this thread, http://forums.freebsd.org/showthread.php?t=21381, I've deinstalled the non-functioning Jabber v1.6 code, and elected to pursue the installation of v2.2.11 (as I probably should have in the first place). The only selected make config options were...
  13. rtwingfield

    Jabber14 Installation and Configuration

    I have installed Jabber from ports and the following quote from the make install process indicates that all should be well: Congratulations, you have installed jabberd14. To configure jabberd14, please copy: /usr/local/etc/jabber.xml.sample to /usr/local/etc/jabber.xml and edit this file...
  14. A

    Help with Jabberbot

    I am a new member of this forum to research in Google, please I want to help the way I want to run Jaberbots on the server without PC please anyone who knows the way that puts the explanation
  15. Ruler2112

    Jabber Server Daemon

    I'm rebuilding an internal server that's been crashing every few days. (It runs RedHat 9, which was cutting edge when the box was built, if that tells you how long it's been going.) I've installed FBSD8 and finally managed to get the system installed and started loading software on it to do...
  16. SaveTheRbtz

    ejabberd is obsolete

    By now version 2.0.5 is in use, and in ports there is old 2.0.3 with vulnerability. ===> ejabberd-2.0.3 has known vulnerabilities: => ejabberd -- cross-site scripting vulnerability. Reference: <http://www.FreeBSD.org/ports/portaudit/cf91c1e4-2b6d-11de-931b-00e0815b8da8.html> => Please update...
  17. Anapivirtua

    Jabber ?

    Could you add a jabber section in optional information of user detail ? Thanks