1. sidetone

    OMEMO for XMPP on FreeBSD

    While XMPP clients work consistently well, OMEMO seems to not always work how it has worked before according to memory or to notes. While communication to the server is encrypted, communication needs OMEMO to be secure through the server as well, so only endpoints can view the data. In the...
  2. cgenie

    Solved Biboumi problems

    Hello, I'm using freebsb 13.2. I have ejabberd there, set up at somedomain. I wanted do host my own biboumi xmpp <-> irc bridge. I set it up with hostname = irc.somedomain xmpp_server = I also added this to the listen list in ejabberd.yml: i have this in `listen` in ejabberd...
  3. H

    Jitsi-meet / jicofo java truststore issue?

    I've been trying to configure a jitsi-meet server for a time now, following various guides, but I get this error in jicofo.log: Jicofo 2023-04-20 19:17:28.889 INFO: [1] JicofoServices.<init>#134: Starting HTTP server with config: host=null, port=8888, tlsPort=8843, isTls=false...
  4. B

    XMPP chat for freebsd, for anyone interested

    Those of you xmpp-inclined, join freebsd@muc.xmpp.fi :) I am happy to hand over ownership of this to any freebsd dev or forum moderator that asks, I just want to start the community
  5. R

    Conferencing and Freebsd

    Hello All, I wanted to try video conferencing (more google meet) and wanted to ask what to download to make it work. I am using FreeBSD 13.1 and am using Firefox (103.0) and also have chromium installed (which interesting enough has version 103.0.5060.134). On the net, I have found a web...
  6. Sivan!

    Zoom in freeBSD works, but with some easily solvable minimal issues

    Zoom is among one of the new freeBSD ports net-im/zoom, installed zoom with some errors as can be seen from this forum post There are some errors to be fixed, but it works.
  7. Sivan!

    Solved Zoom video doesn't work for the past few days in Chromium and Iridium

    In Chromium 101 YouTube works fine, audio works without issues, but Zoom, for the past few days, does not display videos, though audio is fine. I installed Iriudium, zoom has the same issues. How would I troubleshoot this? I have freebsd 13.0 Release 11.0 with Kde plasma. Thank you.

    Changing Lua references

    I’ve learned Lua versions are indeed versions and installed 54 when it looks like I need 51: How do I go about locating all 54 and removing them and anything that would be left thinking of it? This includes Luasec luarocks - pretty much anything that ends in 54 and move properly to 51.

    Out of sync

    I’m hoping someone can help point me in the right direction: I’ve gotten out of sync between a couple of ports (prosody and lua): Running freebsd-update / pkg upgrade etc I noticed prosody was not updating from 0.11.13 - some features I need are in the next release (0.12 something). I didn’t...
  10. L

    Build in one machine, install on another; versions of Lua

    I have little experience with ports and I don't understand what I should do. I always have the option to install everything from source, though... I'm running FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE on my main computer and also at a VPS. In the latter, the ports collection is not installed. net-im/Prosody...
  11. TjPhysicist

    Jitsi Setup Help

    I am utterly and completely out of my depth here. Trying to setup Jitsi. I've read every single google result out there that has to do with Jitsi, including http://www.bobeager.uk/jitsi.html . I followed that guide to the T. Edit Thought it'd be better to just attach all the relevant files and...
  12. F

    Linux Binary Compatibility and Zoom

    First of all, I don't wanna want to use Zoom on web version. I want to use it with FreeBSD. I take a look at Linux Binary Compatibility but got lots of errors. I'm guessing they are about shared objects maybe? I saw a package exist for FreeBSD Zoom but it says sound unstable and under...
  13. sidetone

    Opensource communication frameworks: XMPP, SIP, AMQP, MQTT, CAP, IAX

    An opensource framework allows interoperable and inter-organizational use between different offerings (or servers). Signal can't be compared in this category, because it is simply an opensource client offered by one provider or organization, and not a standard for interoperable use: it can be...
  14. Z

    setting up openfire (4.6.0,1)

    Hi, I have installed openfire from package (OS: 12.1-RELEASE-p12) and I can't make TLS work. I have a Let's encrypt server certificate that matches the XMPP domain. I have added the private key and the cert via Server > TLS/SSL Certificates but didn't work. Then I have installed the...
  15. B

    How To: Webcam and Microphone Inside of GUI Jail

    One-stop guide on how to get your webcam working inside of a GUI jail, including the microphone. Assumes you already have GUI set up inside the jail. My hardware: Ryzen Threadripper 3960x, NVIDIA 2080 RTX, Logitec C920 Webcam OVERVIEW - Background Info - Load Kernel Modules - Install...
  16. sidetone

    XMPP: basics, security, constrained networks

    Core features of XMPP are defined by RFC's, which can be found at IETF.org Extended features of XMPP are defined by XEP's, which can be found at XMPP.org/extensions XMPP is an open standard, rather than open software (it includes plenty of open software as well) The XMPP standard is approved by...
  17. sidetone

    XMPP extensions

    How would one know certain XMPP extensions are enabled? or how would they be enabled? For security, for cool features, and for purposes of reducing overhead on constrained networks. Core specifications carry the same XEP number throughout their entire cycle. Final and Draft extension protocols...
  18. mickey

    Any working SIP softphone for FreeBSD?

    I am looking for a working, lightweight SIP softphone client that runs on FreeBSD. Right now I am using net/linphone which works but has some audio buffer problems and I don't like the UI one bit. I also tried net-im/ekiga which I had been using on Windows many years ago, but it fails to detect...
  19. C

    Would it be possible to port Zoom meeting client to freeBSD?

    Hello BSD family, I am a school teacher and would love to use my freeBSD desktop for Zooming with my kiddos all day. I tried to get Zoom to work via Wine but no luck. And no, I cannot use any alternative meeting clients. Must be zoom since that is waht the school district paid for. Any ideas...
  20. sidetone

    How is SIP/SIMPLE for an XMPP alternative?

    How is SIMPLE for an XMPP messaging alternative? Both are accepted IETF open-source standards. XMPP is great, except it has a lot of overhead (sometimes heavy lag) because it uses XML. Is SIMPLE as secure as XMPP?