1. Cath O'Deray

    Solved URL with .. (two full stops) at its tail

    I have not yet found a way to present that as a link without breakage, or misrepresentation, of the link, by XenForo (or the editor) … https://cgit.freebsd.org/src/log/?qt=range&q=619e6f1f9288.. https://cgit.freebsd.org/src/log/?qt=range&q=619e6f1f9288..
  2. Cath O'Deray

    Froala with XenForo: unexpected line breaks (or new lines) and other peculiarities when editing

    Does anyone else have this issue, in recent days? Examples: when I select text then use the editing toolbar to apply CMD markup, the markup no longer appears alongside the selection (instead, it's above and below) when I select text then paste plain text that does not begin with a line break...
  3. Cath O'Deray

    Solved Unfurling

    Please, is it possible to allow unfurling? Thanks https://nitter.net/about
  4. dbdemon

    Advice when migrating Internet forum from CentOS7 to FreeBSD

    I have an Internet forum (Xenforo software running on nginx, php-fpm, MariaDB, ElasticSearch) and a mail server (dovecot, postfix, and roundcube for the front-end) running on CentOS7. As I've acquired a taste for FreeBSD and also because CentOS7 is EOL by June 2024 (and CentOS8 is already EOL...
  5. Cath O'Deray

    Members and online statistics

    Not active, but (for example) XenForo Community allows the public to see who's online (only if the member allows visibility of this status). Re: the screenshots below, might people welcome things such as these?
  6. Cath O'Deray

    Additional reactions

    <https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/80756/> was for Thanks and Like. Additional reactions are possible with XenForo (or maybe with an extension) – the screenshot below is from <https://xenforo.com/community/> – however I'd caution against any predefined reaction that might worsen a...
  7. Cath O'Deray

    Solved XenForo: allow seeking three-character strings

    A question for the XenForo service administrators here. Please, can you enable support for three-character strings? I'm on my knees. Begging. Thanks (… and NB, for all readers, the question here is XenForo feature-specific, so Google is not an answer; neither is DuckDuckGo … and so on)...
  8. Cath O'Deray

    Solved 'Page could not be loaded' for thread 82058

    If logged-in views fail for the thread below, for users other than me, it might the same underlying bug as <https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/page-could-not-be-loaded-with-inadvertent-use-of-an-unusual-invisible-basic-latin-character.82202/>...
  9. Cath O'Deray

    Hint: how to edit the title (subject line) of a topic (thread), or add the 'Solved' prefix

    A number of topics are solved, but not marked as such. There seems to be no guideline. Please, can one be added? With a screenshot, or two, to make XenForo less ambiguous. https://forums.freebsd.org/forums/forum-rules-and-guidelines-required-reading.49/ Thanks
  10. Cath O'Deray

    Solved 'Page could not be loaded' with inadvertent use of an unusual invisible basic Latin character

    For reference For a while, <https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/dream-setup.82154/page-2> would not load. This type of response from XenForo: <https://forums.freebsd.org/attachments/1629634045258-png.11064/> A slip of the finger – the intention was EN DASH (U+2013) but the post included CJK...
  11. Cath O'Deray

    Order within search results

    A post that gained a response two days ago was found on page 8 of search results, presumably because the post began in 2016. Is there no way to get results sorted by date of update?
  12. Cath O'Deray

    Abbreviations, without wrapping, where URL unfurl="true"

    https://forums.FreeBSD.org/threads/80878/post-518580 for example, [URL unfurl="true"] was applied automatically. Where this automation leads to abbreviation of (for example) the title of a bug, there's no unfurling to reveal the missing part(s) of text(s). In cases such as this, it would be...
  13. Cath O'Deray

    BlueFreeBSD: width

    Please, can you allow BlueFreeBSD (first screenshot below) to run as wide as FreeBSD light? Thank you.
  14. Cath O'Deray

    Inline URLs without the MEDIA aspect

    Yesterday I struggled for around ten minutes, trying, failing to get a Reddit URL inline, within a sentence, without it being interpreted as MEDIA. The quick brown fox jumped over the View: https://old.reddit.com/r/freebsd/comments/iw2b69/-/ URL within a sentence. Can this effect be avoided...
  15. A

    Solved Syntax highlighting feature of Forums' CODE=c tag doesn't work

    It's not even a problem, but AFAIR output of [CODE=c] was colourful. Out of curiosity, PEBMAC or XenForo problem?
  16. H

    How to set up Xenforo server using FreeBSD?

    I want to setup a Xenforo forum using FreeBSD. I have never set up a server using FreeBSD or Linux. In the past I always used Cpanel. What are the major steps I need to take? 1. Where to host? I am considering Linode. 2. How to set it up? If anyone has experience with this I would...