Abbreviations, without wrapping, where URL unfurl="true" for example, [URL unfurl="true"] was applied automatically.

Where this automation leads to abbreviation of (for example) the title of a bug, there's no unfurling to reveal the missing part(s) of text(s).


In cases such as this, it would be better, vusually, to wrap a long line across two lines, than have just one line cut short.

Please, can this be improved at a FreeBSD Forums level, or is the issue with XenForo?

In the meantime, I'm manually editing posts to include a quote of the non-abbreviated text.

Please, can this be improved at a FreeBSD Forums level, or is the issue with XenForo?
It's a function of the XenForo software. That 'unfurl' has been giving me a headache more than once.

This is turned on by default:
Unfurl URL to a rich preview automatically

If a URL is inserted into a post it can automatically be "unfurled" to display a rich preview of the link contents, such as title, description and image.

The only other option is to use this:
Convert URLs to page titles

With this enabled, if a URL is used inside a message and is not given a title by the author, where possible the linked page's title will be fetched and used instead.

Use the textbox above to specify a format. {title} will be replaced with the fetched page title and {url} will be replaced with the original URL. If no format is entered, the title itself will be displayed.
Another option is to use the "raw" editor and enter the bbcodes yourself. That's my preferred setting.

[url=]link to google[/url] will look like this: link to google
… The only other option …

Thanks, if it's either/or then I suspect that unfurling will be a majority preference.

PS I just realised, unfurling does not occur (i.e. unroll) in response to a click, it's as if things are already unrolled. I'll edit the subject line above.