Solved 'Page could not be loaded' with inadvertent use of an unusual invisible basic Latin character

For reference

For a while, <> would not load.

This type of response from XenForo: <>

A slip of the finger – the intention was EN DASH (U+2013) but the post included CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-23013 adjacent to the en dash.

After discovering what triggered the bug, I used the home page to open the offending posts in the context of the page, i.e.:


– then deleted the posts.

The character is:
  • visible as a rectangle in KCharSelect
  • invisible in contexts such as Code - OSS and a Firefox view of the editing field in XenForo.

Basic Latin might seem peculiar for this CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) character, but that's how KCharSelect presents it in FreeBSD.

Solved here.

Someone might like to report a bug to developers of XenForo.

danger@ just FYI :cool: