Hint: how to edit the title (subject line) of a topic (thread), or add the 'Solved' prefix



A number of topics are solved, but not marked as such.

There seems to be no guideline. Please, can one be added?

With a screenshot, or two, to make XenForo less ambiguous.

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done, tnx. The two-step process was not obvious to me, your message spurred me to investigate further. The Edit Thread, then, in the pull-down menu on the left, you can get to solved was not clear. Thanks again for the reminder.
Sometimes, topics are marked as 'solved', because it's solved as far as the topic originator is concerned. But others in the audience may not agree that a topic is solved. And sometimes, people keep posting to a 'solved' topic.
… I tried to edit the prefix of the thread to mark it as solved, but perhaps because I'm a new user, or because I already changed the title of the thread once, I do not see the option to edit the thread title now.

… I don't see a hamburger / ellipsis menu like that, I only see a the "unwatch" option

Your guess about change once might be correct.

Your first post/comment was on 16th January, so, I guess, retry on the 26th.

Two old topics, both of which predate migration to XenForo:

Around ten years ago <https://xenforo.com/community/threads/new-spam-tactic-editing-posts.62857/post-666836> (before my time) there was a change to XenForo (1.3). I can't tell what was changed, but I imagine that it's broadly consistent with the present day experience. In a nutshell: anti-spam.


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