1. grahamperrin

    KDE Plasma: ☑ Raise maximum volume

    ☑ Raise maximum volume Before I make a bug report: does this feature work for anyone? I can drag to visually raise the volume above 100%: – however there's no audible increase, and when I cease dragging the slider, it bounces back to the left, to the 100% mark.
  2. byrnejb

    How to set default sound input device

    FreeBSD-12.3p2 I am trying to set up an A/V capability for chrome. Unlike firefox the chrome browser does not enumerate all of the available sound input devices. It only lists default as the available device. The input device I have configured is a Microsoft-Microsoft-LifeCam-HD-3000 . The...
  3. hunter0one

    Video recorders with OSS support

    The big two video recorders obs-studio and simplescreenrecorder depend on sound systems that are not native to FreeBSD. I like many others don't care to use Pulseaudio, ALSA, or JACK. Is there any recorders that support OSS at least as a build option that I'm not aware of?
  4. grahamperrin

    Chromium audio

    With Teams, neither the microphone nor the speaker can be changed. Is this normal? www/chromium only in this topic, please.
  5. grahamperrin

    Solved TIDAL – DRM required (for audio but not necessarily for video, apparently)

    I couldn't listen without signing in, but thanks. No response when the play button is clicked, true?
  6. qiu3344

    Volume Per Channel (VPC)

    Hello, can someone explain to me how to use the VPC feature of the operating system? I noticed it some time ago in the sound man page, but I didn't find any resources on how to actually use it for per application volume control. It does not seem like it's possible with the default mixer utility...
  7. john_rambo

    Bastille jail: no sound in firefox

    I have successfully created a jail & installed Firefox inside the jail problem Firefox is completely mute. I can't watch Youtube. How do I enable sound in the jailed Firefox ?
  8. P

    [Bluetooth-audio] How to connect and use Bluetooth headphones on FreeBSD

    Important notes: 1) Tested and confirmed to work on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE. 2) Obviously you need to first confirm whether FreeBSD supports the built-in Bluetooth of your laptop/computer. 3) For this guide, we will focus on Intel Bluetooth as that's my case in particular. Hence the use of...
  9. Keltir

    Solved Very load sound in headphones during boot

    Hello! I have FreeBSD 13 on my desktop(AMD Ryzen). Everything is pretty smooth expect one little but very annoying issue. During boot(specifically during sound card/system init) I have very very loud sound in my headphones for a short moment. It's like when you power on huge speakers using...
  10. rockzombie2

    Solved How to record desktop audio on OBS-Studio

    Okay, so I've been at this for a while now. For context: I used to use Arch linux and I recall having to do some loopback command to listen to the output of my default sound device, thereby capturing my desktop audio to stream with in OBS. Since then, I switched to FreeBSD but also streamed from...
  11. jbodenmann

    Solved External USB audio interface

    I have a Fiio Olympus 2 audio interface (USB 2.0 -> 3.5mm jack) and would like to play audio through it (in FreeBSD 13.0). I've loaded the `snd_driver` metadriver which loaded in a bunch of audio drivers. Here's the output of cat /dev/sndstat: Installed devices: pcm0: <NVIDIA (0x0083) (HDMI/DP...
  12. grahamperrin

    apulse – PulseAudio emulation for ALSA

    <> If apulse could be ported to FreeBSD, might there be fewer complaints about PulseAudio? (Hint: this is not an invitation to complain about PulseAudio.)
  13. grahamperrin

    PulseAudio, upstream and down

    If I recall correctly: – this 2020 pull request (with patches from FreeBSD) was made, upstream, with the intention of FreeBSD subsequently benefiting from the merge. True? If so: are we (downstream) still awaiting the...
  14. grahamperrin

    Solved forcing off the computer – endlessly waiting for sound application to exit at sleep/suspend time

    It's frequently necessary to force off a computer (HP EliteBook 8570p, sometimes docked) when an attempt to suspend fails, with these messages from kernel: pcm3: unregister: mixer busy pcm3: Waiting for sound application to exit! I subscribe to this bug...
  15. hunter0one

    No Sound when resuming from suspend & DSBMixer causes init to wait

    Hi, I've switched over to FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE completely a few days ago. Everything runs great and I now have suspend working but with two issues: 1. If I suspend my PC with DSBmixer still running (I'm using Xfce 4), the init system endlessly waits for it to quit. I have to hold the power...
  16. txerrenak

    I have no sound

    Hello. I have installed FreeBSD, latest version, and two sound cards: Intel Cannon Lake PCH cAVS and NVIDIA TU104 HD. I have followed the steps indicated in When I run 'kldload sound', it says; 'can't load...
  17. Abraham79

    Solved paprefs (pulseaudio) - core dumped with GLib-GIO-ERROR:Settings schema 'org.freedesktop.pulseaudio.module-group' is not installed

    This is on FreeBSD-12.1. I installed paprefs (Pulseaudio preferences) and it is crashing with error: :~% paprefs (paprefs:76944): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 12:19:44.019: Settings schema 'org.freedesktop.pulseaudio.module-group' is not installed zsh: trace trap (core dumped) paprefs I searched for...
  18. J

    Not sound to headphones

    I feel I am very close but I also have to admit that after a few trials I not sure I know what I am doing. I am following the thread here to sort out the issue with my headphones output. When I really did not know anything about pins I opened up another thread a few weeks back. Hopefully...
  19. skeletonboss12

    Solved audio stutter and slight popping on hp probook 450 g1

    Edit: I fixed it! or at least severely reduced the issue to tolerable levels. pulse/daemon.conf avoid-resampling = yes default-sample-rate = 48000 I am experiencing some audio stutter when playing music in the Chromium browser, however on firefox it does not stutter but rather constantly...
  20. christhegeek

    Can't playback sound to the displayport monitor output

    Can't playback sound to the displayport monitor output Tried to change the default soundcard to hdmi but it doesn't playback any sound from any application !!! It shows many hdmi soundcards but it doesn't playback sound. I have an amd Rx580